Guide ‘Mobile winter heating’ 3/5 – electric heater

Electric heating

Why professionals from all industries swear by the electric heater.  Where its preferred area of application is. And why many of our electric heaters require no supply and exhaust air openings at all. Know-how that not everyone has – but which you – as an attentive reader of the third instalment of our how-to series, do have. Moreover, we present our professional electric heater series in more detail and explain how you can benefit from our offer even if you only have a temporary need.

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TEH heavy-duty electric heating units from our own production


As of now Trotec produces its mobile electric heating units in its own production in Heinsberg. Compared with the last one many details of the model range 2014 have been improved what makes it more robust and more reliable. Therefore, the high performance devices of the TEH series are “100 % Trotec made in Germany” and guarantee quality, robustness and durability.

That means that we not only develop the TEH heating units in our R&D department to produce them ourselves but also put them to the acid. Only then we can give you a quality guarantee.
The devices, manufactured in our tried and tested German industrial design belong to the worldwide most powerful mobile electric heater series. With a heating performance of 120 kW and an air flow rate of 9,000 m³/h at 600 Pa air pressure the TEH 400 is the biggest heater of the series.
According to demand you also can use the TEH 300 with 80 kW and the TEH 200 with 40 kW wherever you need more heating power. Fields of application are major events, military facilities like huge workshops for air planes or shipyards and shipping companies. Read More

TDS electric fan heaters – favourable and powerful


In building containers, in garages, at market stands, in warehouses or even in gastronomy; everywhere where heaters are missing or broke down our powerful and electricity saving electric fan heaters of the TDS series are the perfect solution.

In contrast to directly fired gas or oil heaters the electric fan heaters of the TDS series create neither combustion gas nor they consume oxygen. Thus, they are perfectly suitable for the use in interior rooms, for instance when you have a market stand or work in the building industry. This cost-saving alternative for longer, mainly stationary heating operations keeps a continuous heat output. The new TDS electric fan heaters are 100 % Trotec – development, design and production. With a heating capacity between 0.65 and 22 kW the five devices provide the ideal solution for any application. Read More

Winter’s gonna be hot! With our new TDS R electric fan heaters


If in workshops, warehouses and work halls, gastronomy or construction sites, the TDS R electronic fan heaters are ideal for condense-free air heating. With our new TDS 75 R and TDS 120 R heater we take care that you don’t freeze at work during winter. Additionally, till 24 October we have a top deal for you. Heating was never cheaper!

It is already dark in the morning, cold and sometimes even wet. Especially, when you work outside or in draughty, unheated halls you should provide warmth to get healthy through the day and the cold season. The good news is that our TDS R electric fan heaters perfectly suit these requirements and the even better news is that you can get the devices for our special top deal price until 24 October. When you order a TDS R heater you get ten per cent discount on the already rebated price. From the end of calendar week 43 your new heater will immediately be delivered to you. Read More

Our new models – with an unbeatable design and functionality!


World first on the World Day of Design 2013
It is not just beautiful but functional as well – our new top models. Finally, they don’t have to convince anybody on the catwalk but, above all, shine through their performance and that is what was important to us during the development. Nevertheless, the new machines are optical highlights provide a better handling for transport and storage and an easier and more intuitive operation.
We want to introduce our new models on the World Day of Design 2013 on April 27th.
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Apps for Life

The Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, the leading trade fair of the consumer electronics industry that took place at the beginning of the year, made one thing more than clear: 2011 is going to be the year of the Apps. You think that 2010 has been the year of the Apps? Well, that was just the beginning… Tablet PCs, Smartphones and the continuous hype around all apple products make sure that Apps stay on top of the list for every mobile enthusiast. Because they make life so much easier…

In what way? In pretty much every way you can imagine…because these days there is hardly anything that a smartphone cannot do!

Here’s just a little selection of everyday items that you can leave at home from now on – assuming that you have the right app! Read More

We warmly recommend: It’s time for the Christmas market again!

Electric heaters to fight off the cold at German Christmas Markets
These days are certainly among the coldest first days of December since the beginning of the weather records – at least that is what they say in the weather forecast here. Now, who in their right mind would take that as the ideal opportunity to spend hours and hours outside, walking through jammed aisles and freezing their tails off? Well, we Germans do…

There is hardly a thing in winter that we look forward to as much as to our beloved Christmas markets. It is a tradition that goes back over 600 years in history and it has become one of the central elements of our Christmas culture. But also in other countries the “German Christmas Markets” are becoming increasingly popular. In Birmingham, Manchester or Edinburgh you can find such markets, and even Chicago or Denver have their own version of this traditionally German advent custom. The festive atmosphere, evoked by lush decorations, festive music and the illumination of the winter scenery, attracts people of all ages to stroll across the market, admire the diverse products the stall-holders have to offer and feast on seasonal specialties like gingerbread or roasted almonds. And, of course, the mulled wine – or glühwein as the locals like to call it – which is, by the way, the best remedy to fight off the biting cold.

But those of you who have to endure all day in the stalls, selling food or artisan craftwork to the jostling crowds, will need another solution to that problem. How about an electric heater? These convenient little devices keep you nice and warm in your market stall, so you can enjoy the atmosphere without getting frostbite or catching a cold. For this is probably the last thing you’ll need for Christmas…

For only €65.39 you can get yourself a super compact heater so that you are well- prepared for the Christmas market and any other outdoor activity … in the Trotec24 online shop!

Pull the udder one – it’s got bells on

Cows can be very choosy. It’s a well-known fact. And being choosy, they tend to be very picky when it comes to the way they are kept.

Cows are particularly partial to certain types of feed. And certain types of flooring. And they need to have enough room in their cowsheds to move about in. Some cows give the most milk when they listen to the strains of classical music (there are farmers who swear by Beethoven) and others that like to be pampered with a well-meant morning massage. But what – as any old dairy farmer would be only too happy to tell you – cows appreciate most of all is the right climate in their cowshed.

Cows hate high temperatures. Temperatures above 20°C can quickly trigger stress among the more tender-footed bovines. What cows really adore is a temperature somewhere between 4 and 16°C – a fact they are only too keen to display by producing high yields of high protein, high quality milk. But just as high temperatures often affect the milk output, so do low temperatures around freezing point. Now is the time to think about a flexible solution which will allow you to bridge the cold gap and provide you with a means of bringing the temperature in the cowshed up to the required temperature when the thermometer falls close to or below freezing.

The electric heaters in the TDE series are robust, no-nonsense heaters which have been designed especially for flexible, mobile use in the cowshed and in other farmyard scenarios

And now there’s a special autumn special offer on which you really won’t want to risk missing: a selection of second-hand models at knock-down prices – all checked by the manufacturer and all with a full year’s guarantee.

There’s no time to waste. Take the bull by the horns and invest in the mobile electric heaters in the TDE series – your cows will be moo-ved by the way you care for them.

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Time again for the TROTEC waiting game. This time for electric heaters

Electric heater waiting game

The TROTEC waiting game has become one of the most popular discount special offers to date. And now it’s back just in time for the colder time of the year. Now it’s time to save on: electric heaters.

And this is how it works: the TROTEC waiting game begins on 30th September 2010. From this day on the countdown runs backwards. With a 1% discount for every day. The special offer is valid for 40 days, which means that there is a maximum discount and saving of 40%. So order early and save more.

Low-priced electric space heaters with up to 22 kW – Order now …

The mobile electric heaters in the TDS-series are still in great demand and we had to restock again. If you haven’t already bought such a compact and particularly favourable electric space heater you should be quick off the mark and buy one now.

Although the coldest season of the year is now ending by and by you can already prepare for the next winter by purchasing a premium space heater today!

Heat garages, workshops and tents with the high-quality electric heaters in the TDS-series. Due to their compact and sturdy design these space heaters are well-suited for changing places of action and can be established within seconds.

Convince yourself of the …

… 9 kW lightweight: Click here to order a TDS 50.

… 15 kW industrial heater: Click here to order a TDS 75.

… 22 kW power pack: Click here to order a TDS 100.

Stop freezing while having lunch in a site caravan:

Order the environmentally-friendly TDS 20 electric heater here.

Need help which appliance meets your demands best?

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