We warmly recommend: It’s time for the Christmas market again!

Electric heaters to fight off the cold at German Christmas Markets
These days are certainly among the coldest first days of December since the beginning of the weather records – at least that is what they say in the weather forecast here. Now, who in their right mind would take that as the ideal opportunity to spend hours and hours outside, walking through jammed aisles and freezing their tails off? Well, we Germans do…

There is hardly a thing in winter that we look forward to as much as to our beloved Christmas markets. It is a tradition that goes back over 600 years in history and it has become one of the central elements of our Christmas culture. But also in other countries the “German Christmas Markets” are becoming increasingly popular. In Birmingham, Manchester or Edinburgh you can find such markets, and even Chicago or Denver have their own version of this traditionally German advent custom. The festive atmosphere, evoked by lush decorations, festive music and the illumination of the winter scenery, attracts people of all ages to stroll across the market, admire the diverse products the stall-holders have to offer and feast on seasonal specialties like gingerbread or roasted almonds. And, of course, the mulled wine – or glühwein as the locals like to call it – which is, by the way, the best remedy to fight off the biting cold.

But those of you who have to endure all day in the stalls, selling food or artisan craftwork to the jostling crowds, will need another solution to that problem. How about an electric heater? These convenient little devices keep you nice and warm in your market stall, so you can enjoy the atmosphere without getting frostbite or catching a cold. For this is probably the last thing you’ll need for Christmas…

For only €65.39 you can get yourself a super compact heater so that you are well- prepared for the Christmas market and any other outdoor activity … in the Trotec24 online shop!

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