Guide ‘Mobile winter heating’ 3/5 – electric heater

Electric heating

Why professionals from all industries swear by the electric heater.  Where its preferred area of application is. And why many of our electric heaters require no supply and exhaust air openings at all. Know-how that not everyone has – but which you – as an attentive reader of the third instalment of our how-to series, do have. Moreover, we present our professional electric heater series in more detail and explain how you can benefit from our offer even if you only have a temporary need.

This is what makes electric heaters so popular among professionals

The explanation is simple: professional electric heaters are the safest, fastest and most convenient method for problem-free heating. As a result, they are frequently implemented across all industries – such as for construction projects, in party tents, warehouses and workshops, on ships, in switching stations, stables, garages and in makeshift shelters. However, electric heaters in particular also assist dehumidifiers in building drying, as higher ambient temperatures shorten drying times considerably.

Thus you can use the electric heater fans from our TDS and TEH series virtually anywhere because, unlike direct fired gas or oil heating devices, they neither consume oxygen nor do they generate any combustion gases. This also means that no supply and exhaust air openings are required – all you need are merely the corresponding electrical connections.

Electric heaters from the TDS series 

The practical TDS series electric heater fans are 100% Trotec in development, design and production. The series is designed primarily for stationary heating applications, such as in construction, agriculture or for commercial businesses. It comprises a total of seven electric heaters with graduated heat outputs – from the TDS 10 with 2 kW heat output up to the TDS 120 with a heat output of 30 kW.

All TDS units feature an integrated thermostat control and a multi-level power control for demand-controlled heating intensity. In addition, optional wall or ceiling mountings open up a wide variety of applications, for example in heating construction containers, market stalls, greenhouses, small warehouses, garages, workshops, boathouses or during assembly work.

The professional TEH series electric heaters

The practice-oriented German industrial design of this innovative electric heater series is also  100% Trotec in development, design and production.

Versatile applications characterise this series, such as for industrial use or construction equipment rental companies. The multi-stackable TEH electric heaters are specially tailored professional units for severe material and performance requirements – which guarantees users uninterrupted continuous use, high value retention and a long service life. Because of its focused stream of hot air and its high blower output – for example, 1,785 m³ with the TEH 100 – even large spaces are rapidly heated in a short time.

The TEH series high-power electric heating units at up to 120 kW

The TEH high-performance units are suitable for all applications where large quantities of hot air are required and the application of indirect oil heating units is not possible. The extremely robust heaters ‘Made in Germany’ are designed for the harshest ambient conditions and developed specifically for the mobile demand of large-scale heating scenarios. The powerful centrifugal fans emit up to 9000 cubic metres of hot air per hour, which can be transported up to 100 metres on site via air transport hoses.

Do you want more information on our electric heaters?

When it comes to mobile heating solutions, you can trust our expertise as a market leader for all your purchasing or hiring needs. You can order all units of the TDS series from our online Trotec shop – where you also find all the necessary information on every single device. For short-term use, you can also also rent the TEH series electric heaters and electric heating units – see what our rental centre has to offer. If you have any questions about a specific device or on calculating your required capacity, don’t hesitate to call us at +49 2452 962 400.

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