TEH heavy-duty electric heating units from our own production


As of now Trotec produces its mobile electric heating units in its own production in Heinsberg. Compared with the last one many details of the model range 2014 have been improved what makes it more robust and more reliable. Therefore, the high performance devices of the TEH series are “100 % Trotec made in Germany” and guarantee quality, robustness and durability.

That means that we not only develop the TEH heating units in our R&D department to produce them ourselves but also put them to the acid. Only then we can give you a quality guarantee.
The devices, manufactured in our tried and tested German industrial design belong to the worldwide most powerful mobile electric heater series. With a heating performance of 120 kW and an air flow rate of 9,000 m³/h at 600 Pa air pressure the TEH 400 is the biggest heater of the series.
According to demand you also can use the TEH 300 with 80 kW and the TEH 200 with 40 kW wherever you need more heating power. Fields of application are major events, military facilities like huge workshops for air planes or shipyards and shipping companies. Also in the processing industry, at electricity producers and utility companies, in refineries, mining companies as well as steel and aluminium industry our big heaters are used. “The TEH heating units are applicable everywhere”, Rainer Rausch says, Member of the Trotec management. “Even adverse conditions don’t affect the extremely robust devices and the best is that they are mobile despite their size and performance. Now we produce them in our production in Heinsberg-Dremmen. That means we can give you two guarantees for good quality. They are produced in Germany and by Trotec.“
Thus, we don’t have to rely on long deliveries via sea or air freight but can just start the production again when only few TEHs are left. Spare parts for quick repairs are also constantly in stock.
You benefit from our production right in front of our door because it minimizes waiting time and increases our speed.

Reliable, mobile “plug & play” solution

Set it up, install it properly, switch it on – and off you go! On every TEH electric heating unit you can choose between eight heating stages between 0 °C and 60 °C increase of temperature. The electronically controlled multistage switching that regulates air flow and temperature ensures a constant ambient temperature during for example steel, coating, painting works or other field work as well as inside applications. All three TEH devices are well-suited for the connection of air transport hoses to cover distances of up to 100 m. Due to their completely smoke, flames and condensated air free mobile heating operations the big units are ideal for operations in the industry sector. They also are suited for applications where huge amounts of hot air are necessary and the use of oil heaters is not possible.

Attractive equipment

All TEH heating units are standard equipped with a protecting frame, crane eyes, fork lift slits and castors with parking brakes. Additionally, you can order a 7.6 m long hot air hose and a universal lashing belt. On request special models for operation in Ex-protected zones and areas are available.

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