TDS electric fan heaters – favourable and powerful


In building containers, in garages, at market stands, in warehouses or even in gastronomy; everywhere where heaters are missing or broke down our powerful and electricity saving electric fan heaters of the TDS series are the perfect solution.

In contrast to directly fired gas or oil heaters the electric fan heaters of the TDS series create neither combustion gas nor they consume oxygen. Thus, they are perfectly suitable for the use in interior rooms, for instance when you have a market stand or work in the building industry. This cost-saving alternative for longer, mainly stationary heating operations keeps a continuous heat output. The new TDS electric fan heaters are 100 % Trotec – development, design and production. With a heating capacity between 0.65 and 22 kW the five devices provide the ideal solution for any application.

Convincing extras under the Trotec logo

Especially the little details make a big difference. Of course, the devices have an overheat protection and a fan motor with thermal protection as standard which can also be used in fan operation without heating. The standard built-in air baffle for optimization of heat dissipation guarantees maximum efficiency.

Thanks to the trapezoidal carry handles all models with a supply voltage of 400 V have (TDS 50, TDS 75, TDS 100) on the one hand the heaters can be easily transported and on the other hand they are multiply stackable. Because the brackets mesh with each other when stacked the devices cannot slip and stand very stable. With its integrated thermostat control you can continuously adjust the warm air. The controls are lowered and, thus, protected against damages.

Quick and easy assembly with fixed fastening screws.

You can assemble the TDS heaters to the wall or ceiling in building containers or workshops. For that you can already buy the new devices in a complete set with wall or ceiling brackets. Unique is that the fastening screws are already fixed on the heater. You only have to attach it to the brackets and tighten the screws and your heater hangs at home in your garage or hobby room or at work in a building container, a greenhouse, a boathouse, a market stand, a workshop, a warehouse or in a restaurant and keeps it warm. It is expected that the electric fan heaters TDS 10 and TDS 20 are available from calendar week 45; TDS 50, TDS 75 and TDS 100 from calendar week 46.

Top deal: the TDS electric fan heaters!

Buy a heater until 24 October and get ten per cent on the already rebated price; then still five per cent.

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