Winter’s gonna be hot! With our new TDS R electric fan heaters


If in workshops, warehouses and work halls, gastronomy or construction sites, the TDS R electronic fan heaters are ideal for condense-free air heating. With our new TDS 75 R and TDS 120 R heater we take care that you don’t freeze at work during winter. Additionally, till 24 October we have a top deal for you. Heating was never cheaper!

It is already dark in the morning, cold and sometimes even wet. Especially, when you work outside or in draughty, unheated halls you should provide warmth to get healthy through the day and the cold season. The good news is that our TDS R electric fan heaters perfectly suit these requirements and the even better news is that you can get the devices for our special top deal price until 24 October. When you order a TDS R heater you get ten per cent discount on the already rebated price. From the end of calendar week 43 your new heater will immediately be delivered to you.

Powerful heaters – economic service

The heaters of the TDS R series are the best solution for a direct heating without long air transport routes. In contrast to directly fired gas or oil heaters they don’t consume oxygen and don’t produce combustion exhaust gas. Thus, they are the very suitable for heating up interior spaces. The thermostat control allows an easy and continuous adjustment of the wanted temperature. With an air flow rate from 305 to 1,900 m³/h for every room size the right heater is available. The models TDS 20 R, TDS 50 R and TDS 75 R have a robust and ergonomic handle and skids; the TDS 120 R has a mobile construction with ball-bearing castors.

Get our top deal until 24 October with a ten per cent discount.

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