Drying solutions for hygroscopic bulk goods

Quality and process managers from the food, pharmaceutical and chemical industry know the difficulty of keeping powders and granulates from clumping. Many bulk goods love water. They eagerly soak it up – and don’t give it up without a fight. When humidity meets strongly hygroscopic bulk goods in an uncontrolled environment, the desired free-flowing property of these products is a lost cause. But Trotec has the right professional solution for this as well.

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A clean solution: desiccant dehumidifiers banish harmful moisture from silos

Industrial desiccant dehumidifier

From wood pellets and powders to coarse bulk materials such as coal or rough grains. It doesn’t matter what you store in a silo or transport in a container. The container must be clean. And above all, it must also be dry! This is because bulk materials are only protected from moisture right from the outset in a container that is completely dry.

In order to dry out a container as quickly as possible after cleaning, so that it can be used again as soon as possible, you should reach for a desiccant dehumidifier from the TTR range. Of course, in the best possible quality, from Trotec!

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Dry up in detail


A constant, optimal climate is indispensable when storing and packaging fine materials. This is above all true for the chemical and pharmaceutical industries. There is hardly another industry where such meticulous care must be taken when packaging materials. Goods are damaged above all by air humidity levels that are too high. Humidity can cause all sorts of problems, from clumping in fine materials and mould formation in packing, to the complete destruction of products. Which is why, more than anything else, it is important to target air humidity in production and bottling processes. A desiccant dehumidifier from the TTR range from Trotec keeps your valuable products dry.

Dry up in detail

Medications are without doubt highly sensitive goods that must be produced, filled and packaged with great care. The pharmaceuticals industry therefore has particularly high demands for goods logistics. One of the most important criteria that must be met when packaging materials is ensuring an especially dry environment. Read More

A safe environment in the ice rink


In an ice rink, the focus should be on sport and fun. But the fun soon stops if the climate isn’t right. In ice rinks, warm air comes into contract with the cold ice surface, which causes condensation. If this condensate drips onto the ice surface, the risk of dangerous accidents on the rink develops. On top of this, the condensation damages the building. Here, there is a risk of mould, rust and cracking paint. Protect your ice rink and your customers! Be proactive and keep damp air out of your ice rink. The high-performance industrial dehumidifiers from Trotec’s TTR range will take care of it!

A safe environment in the ice rink

For a lot of people, it is not just a winter sport. Even in the spring and autumn sports enthusiasts enjoy skating on ice rinks. And ice hockey and figure skating are also practised and played in ice rinks all year round. Here caution is advised. Because the climate quickly becomes unbalanced. In ice rinks, warm air eventually comes in to contact with the cold of the ice surface. This produces condensation, which can be dangerous for the athletes and players when the droplets of condensation freeze over. The risk of accident is everywhere! Read More

Trotec dehumidifiers provide a knotless wood storage


Wood is a living material, which makes it a very sensitive commodity and one that must be very well cared for in storage. This is true of processed wood, but also for wood as a raw material, of course. If wood is exposed to changes in temperature and humidity levels that are too high, stresses and cracks can form. In order to be a top-quality product, wood needs the optimum humidity level. Create this level in your timber yard, and Trotec will provide the necessary equipment. For the best quality. A heating system does not help when trying to store wood properly – the constantly correct humidity level is most important! The solution for this quality assurance comes from Trotec: Desiccant dehumidifiers from the TTR range.

No stress, please!

For firewood 15 percent wood moisture is optimal. If the wood is too dry, it burns too quickly. Timber can also allows a humidity of around 15 percent. Wood for indoor furniture should contain 10 percent moisture. Because this sensitive material is in constant contact with the humidity in the air, it is important to ensure the correct air humidity levels in your timber yard, in order to guarantee the right level of wood moisture. Read More