A clean solution: desiccant dehumidifiers banish harmful moisture from silos

Industrial desiccant dehumidifier

From wood pellets and powders to coarse bulk materials such as coal or rough grains. It doesn’t matter what you store in a silo or transport in a container. The container must be clean. And above all, it must also be dry! This is because bulk materials are only protected from moisture right from the outset in a container that is completely dry.

In order to dry out a container as quickly as possible after cleaning, so that it can be used again as soon as possible, you should reach for a desiccant dehumidifier from the TTR range. Of course, in the best possible quality, from Trotec!

Dry, with certainty!

Have you ever taken a clean storage jar from the dishwasher and filled it with flour straight away? Then you know the result. The flour absorbs the residual moisture and clumps together. The best thing you can do is use up the flour quickly and get on with the bothersome job of painstakingly removing the residue from the glass. If moist air gets into the storage jar, over time, mould can form – making the flour unusable. When you transfer this example to a large company that stores bulk materials in silos, the economic damage increases considerably. A container that has not been dried properly after cleaning can spell significant financial damage. This is because, on the one hand, the silo must be ready for use again quickly after being emptied, and on the other hand, the goods must be stored under the best conditions, which means they must be dry. For a dry start in storage and transport: the high-performance TTR desiccant dehumidifier units.

These desiccant dehumidification experts will keep everything in the silo dry. For the chemical and pharmaceuticals industries in particular, we recommend the high-performance TTR 1500 model. This device dehumidifies 1800 cubic metres of air per hour! Above all in mobile use, it is a professional and strong all-rounder for intensive use in industry. The corresponding air transport hoses are designed to be just as high-performing and robust. Trust in the brand quality of the Trotec range.

Professional quality “made in Germany”

Separate airflow lines for process and regeneration air with two separate fans and G4 air filters on the inlet side: that is how the TTR Trisorp Dual presents itself! With all models in the TTR range, this principle ensures there are two separate airflow lines so that the dehumidification performance can be regulated particularly easily. At the same time, the desiccant dehumidifiers from the TTR range are distinguished by their impressively high operating efficiency. Internal heat recovery, particularly powerful special rotors – what more could you want?

Together with you, we will develop the perfect dehumidification concept for your silos and transport containers. Of course, you can test the concept first – we will provide the mobile dehumidifiers for the test operation. Make use of our Trotec industry service experts’ know-how. And make use of the best quality “made in Germany”. So that your silos are not just clean, but also dry. With certainty!

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