A safe environment in the ice rink


In an ice rink, the focus should be on sport and fun. But the fun soon stops if the climate isn’t right. In ice rinks, warm air comes into contract with the cold ice surface, which causes condensation. If this condensate drips onto the ice surface, the risk of dangerous accidents on the rink develops. On top of this, the condensation damages the building. Here, there is a risk of mould, rust and cracking paint. Protect your ice rink and your customers! Be proactive and keep damp air out of your ice rink. The high-performance industrial dehumidifiers from Trotec’s TTR range will take care of it!

A safe environment in the ice rink

For a lot of people, it is not just a winter sport. Even in the spring and autumn sports enthusiasts enjoy skating on ice rinks. And ice hockey and figure skating are also practised and played in ice rinks all year round. Here caution is advised. Because the climate quickly becomes unbalanced. In ice rinks, warm air eventually comes in to contact with the cold of the ice surface. This produces condensation, which can be dangerous for the athletes and players when the droplets of condensation freeze over. The risk of accident is everywhere! On top of this, over a long period condensation can damage the building materials. On ceilings and in corners mould can form. And the water causes pipes to rust. Take action against humidity in your ice rink. Trotec’s high-performance industrial dehumidifiers from the TTR range will deal with it for you. Quick and uncomplicated!

The TTR 9500 dehumidifier – high performance even in low temperatures

Trotec’s robust industrial devices are known for their reliability even in difficult conditions. Freezing temperatures? Where other dehumidifiers fail, the Trotec dehumidifiers with desiccant technologyare just getting started. A good example is their use on large ice rinks. The ice surface is constantly chilled to freezing temperatures. But at the same time the air in the hall is warmer, and most importantly, humid. Especially at lower temperatures, the Desiccant dehumidifier from the TTR range impresses with its particularly strong performance. The TTR 9500 is the star of the range and is equipped with a trisorp dual operating principle, meaning process and regeneration airflow are separated, each through their own ventilator. This robust all-rounder can dehumidify up to 9500 cubic metres of air per hour – ideal for large ice rinks, ensuring water that has frozen over, puddles and falling hazards don’t stand a chance. Fog and damp ceilings and walls will also become a things of the past. In spite of its powerful performance, the TRR 9500 doesn’t take up much space, which is ideal. And the hose system for supplying dry air is installed on the ceiling. Meaning more space for even more safety!

Compile a professional humidity management system for your ice rink. Because alongside the dehumidifiers from the TTR range, Trotec also provides the appropriate measuring technology and data loggers. Make use of the Trotec industry service. Our expert advisers can tell you which system is ideal for your ice rink and how many devices you need to install to achieve the best possible dehumidification. Call us on +49 2452 962-777.

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