Dry up in detail


A constant, optimal climate is indispensable when storing and packaging fine materials. This is above all true for the chemical and pharmaceutical industries. There is hardly another industry where such meticulous care must be taken when packaging materials. Goods are damaged above all by air humidity levels that are too high. Humidity can cause all sorts of problems, from clumping in fine materials and mould formation in packing, to the complete destruction of products. Which is why, more than anything else, it is important to target air humidity in production and bottling processes. A desiccant dehumidifier from the TTR range from Trotec keeps your valuable products dry.

Dry up in detail

Medications are without doubt highly sensitive goods that must be produced, filled and packaged with great care. The pharmaceuticals industry therefore has particularly high demands for goods logistics. One of the most important criteria that must be met when packaging materials is ensuring an especially dry environment. The danger is clear to see: powders, granulates, coated tablets and even packaging are very susceptible to humidity. As soon as too much air humidity prevails, these fine substances can clump, soften and stick together, reducing the quality enormously. In the worst case scenario, whole batches can become unusable. Another danger is technical devices suffering under the high humidity levels. Pipes and machines can clog up when materials absorb moisture. Alongside the enormous loss of quality and longevity, production and the whole logistics operation are made more difficult. You are faced with constant maintenance and the need to clean pipes and containers again and again. Which costs time as well as money.

Save time, money and all kinds of logistical expense – by using the high-performance dehumidifers from the TTR range from Trotec. Because the most efficient method of protecting materials and products during production and bottling is to ensure the best possible climate conditions the entire time. A constant, low-level air humidity is the key to ensuring your products are top-quality.

Regulating the best possible climate, made effortlessly simple

Act now and provide your sensitive products with the best possible climate during bottling. The Trotec Group has a TTR desiccant dehumidifier for every need: both mobile devices and devices for stationary use. They are distinguished by their internal heat recovery and high load and performance capacity. With the stationary devices alone, which are marked with a four-digit model number, you have a choice of eight different models, from the solid TTR 1000 desiccant dehumidifier, which manages around 5.5 kilograms per hour, to the professional all-rounder TTR 9500 with a dehumidification capacity of up to 58 kg per hour. The mobile dessicant dehumidifiers, identifiable by the three-digit model number, lend themselves to variable applications. One thing is guaranteed with all of the dehumidifiers from the TTR range: they are “made in Germany”. The best Trotec quality for the best applications. Do you need a reliable dehumidification device, but only temporarily? No problem! Rent your mobile TTR desiccant dehumidifier for optimum climate conditioning during packaging. You can find the right offers in all performance classes in our TKL rental portal. Always at good prices!

Our industry service will help

Would you like to set up a dehumidification concept for the packaging process so your products are always protected? The expert staff at the Trotec Industry Services look forward to the challenge. With their professional know-how, our staff are on-hand with advice and assistance and will create the appropriate concept for your individual requirements. We will be happy to advise you.

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