Drying solutions for hygroscopic bulk goods

Quality and process managers from the food, pharmaceutical and chemical industry know the difficulty of keeping powders and granulates from clumping. Many bulk goods love water. They eagerly soak it up – and don’t give it up without a fight. When humidity meets strongly hygroscopic bulk goods in an uncontrolled environment, the desired free-flowing property of these products is a lost cause. But Trotec has the right professional solution for this as well.

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Top quality turbines


Whenever an industrial plant component fails, this means a great economic loss. Particularly when it comes to power plants that should, if possible, be used without any interruptions, the damage caused by an unexpected failure can be enormous. In addition to regular maintenance, ensuring the right climate environment for the service life of the plant parts is also crucial. In order to protect plants from dangerous frost, condensation and corrosion, operators put great emphasis on the right humidity control. You too? Then you need a Trotec high-performance dehumidifier!

Control rooms, turbines and boilers – these are the heart of every power plant. And this heart needs to beat reliably and strongly. Turbines and boilers are particularly susceptible to corrosion. If they need replacing, there is a risk of significant financial loss. Read More