Trotec dehumidifiers provide a knotless wood storage


Wood is a living material, which makes it a very sensitive commodity and one that must be very well cared for in storage. This is true of processed wood, but also for wood as a raw material, of course. If wood is exposed to changes in temperature and humidity levels that are too high, stresses and cracks can form. In order to be a top-quality product, wood needs the optimum humidity level. Create this level in your timber yard, and Trotec will provide the necessary equipment. For the best quality. A heating system does not help when trying to store wood properly – the constantly correct humidity level is most important! The solution for this quality assurance comes from Trotec: Desiccant dehumidifiers from the TTR range.

No stress, please!

For firewood 15 percent wood moisture is optimal. If the wood is too dry, it burns too quickly. Timber can also allows a humidity of around 15 percent. Wood for indoor furniture should contain 10 percent moisture. Because this sensitive material is in constant contact with the humidity in the air, it is important to ensure the correct air humidity levels in your timber yard, in order to guarantee the right level of wood moisture.

The catch: humidity varies depending on the time of year. Without any regulation, problems are almost guaranteed. If the wood absorbs too much moisture from the air, it will swell and tighten. But with humidity levels of 20 percent comes the risk of mould. If the surrounding air is too dry, the wood releases moisture and shrivels. You know the correct moisture level for your products. The Dehumidifiers from Trotec will ensure you can attain this level and keep it constant. Whether you choose a condensation dehumidifier or a desiccant dehumidifier depends on the size and specific requirements of your stock. You choose, and Trotec will safeguard the quality of your timber!

If you decide on the desiccant dehumidifier from the TTR range, you will have a stationary and robust all-rounder on your side, which functions reliably in large halls even in temperatures of -20 degrees Celsius. The most powerful model in the range, the TTR 9500, is capable of dehumidifying 9500 cubic metres of air per hour! Practical and unobtrusive: because the hoses for the dry air supply can be easily fixed to the ceiling.

Almost as powerful are the industrial condensation dehumidifiers from the DH range. The principle is simple, Trotec technology impresses. The moist air is sucked in and cooled below its dew point, which causes a large proportion of the moisture held in the air to condense. The condensate is removed, and at the same time, cold dry air is directed past the heating element of the cooling block, heated automatically and then released back into the room. The best thing about the Trotec condensation dehumidifier from the DH range: they are particularly economical to run!

You have the choice, we have the know-how! Of course, we will gladly advise you on the optimum solution for you. For you our consultants provide advice, assistance and support. Call us on +49 2452 962 777 or write to

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