Poor air quality and dry air are a health hazard


Dry air in a room is referred to as when the air does not have enough moisture. Sure, people and animals breathe out moisture into the air and plants also create a valuable regulating factor; however the dry heating air in winter directly causes humidity levels to become too low. This situation then creates threatening health risks such as respiratory problems, runny eyes as well as making it difficult to concentrate and the risk of infections also increases.

This is not only because the heating is powering all the time, rather that the incorrect air ratio often leads to a lower humidity level. When a room is ventilated too often, the humid air which has been warmed up by the heating system and enriched with moisture from respiration is exchanged with cold winter air. As cold air cannot absorb as much moisture as warm air, the critical lower level of 40 percent humidity is reached very quickly. This then means that the immune defence system is weakened due to dryer nasal mucous membranes and the risk of catching a cold increases. In particular, babies and children react very sensitively to dry air because their skin and noses dry out more quickly and their airways are more vulnerable.

Dry air also affects wooden floors and furniture – they shrink more rapidly and tend to develop cracks more often. Action should be taken when the humidity values are permanently under 30 percent and appropriate counter measures considered before it is too late. It always makes sense to initially measure the humidity in the room, with the BZ05 indoor thermohygrometer by Trotec for example.

The main thing is to stay healthy through the winter heating period

From house plants to small water bowls or even automatic air humidifiers, which, depending on the model, vaporise, obfuscate or evaporate, they all offer numerous options. You should also make sure that the moist air created doesn’t also introduce microbes harmful to health into your residential or working rooms. Trotec therefore provides vaporising air humidifiers such as the B 400 and the B 25 E – two devices with comparably low energy consumption levels. These provide you with moisture for the air in the room via filter mats or plates on which the water is extensively evaporated. This process ensures that microbes remain in the device and will then be disposed of when the unit is cleaned. Also air washers, such as the AW 10 S and the AW 20 S with HEPA filters from Trotec, moisten the air just like the cold evaporation method. Furthermore both devices wash the air regularly and therefore filter out animal hair, house dust and pollen as well as nasty odours.

Trotec provides solutions – from air humidifiers to air washing

  • The B 25 E air humidifier – both an effective air humidifier and a particular design highlight. It operates with a so-called honeycomb filter, which considerably increases the filtering surface. The dry air will be drawn in here, then enriched with moisture and subsequently emitted with four selectable fan levels as humid air – a perfect solutions for rooms up to 24 m².
  • The B 400 Air Humidifier – combines high vaporisation capacity and economical continuous operation. Its hydrostatic controlled humidity regulation is supplemented by a rotating vaporisation fibre web which also additionally cleans the air. A pleasant low operating noise as well as the low consumption also make this device very impressive.
  • The AW 10 S air washer – the easy to maintain 3-in-1 comfort device for humidification and purification. The air washer cleans and humidifies the air in the room without filter mats. Furthermore, the air washer bundles unwanted elements such as pollen, animal hair, house dust and nasty odours thanks to the integrated plasma function. The low-maintenance device is child´s play to open for filling, topping up and cleaning.
  • The AW 20 S air washer – provides the ideal humidified room air quality at all times as a 3-in-1 comfort device with combination sensor and HEPA filter. The device is also therefore perfectly suited for allergy sufferers: The HEPA Filter, which can be activated, not only removes house dust, pollen or animal hair from the air – this air washer also reliably removes even the smallest dirt particles: from fine dust, allergens or mould spores.

Always the exact required humidity – with Trotec’s innovative solutions

Find out all about the advantages offered to you by our Trotec air quality management system by means of indoor thermohygrometers, humidifiers and air washers. Also take advantage of our current top offers and order the device of your choice today:

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