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Whenever an industrial plant component fails, this means a great economic loss. Particularly when it comes to power plants that should, if possible, be used without any interruptions, the damage caused by an unexpected failure can be enormous. In addition to regular maintenance, ensuring the right climate environment for the service life of the plant parts is also crucial. In order to protect plants from dangerous frost, condensation and corrosion, operators put great emphasis on the right humidity control. You too? Then you need a Trotec high-performance dehumidifier!

Control rooms, turbines and boilers – these are the heart of every power plant. And this heart needs to beat reliably and strongly. Turbines and boilers are particularly susceptible to corrosion. If they need replacing, there is a risk of significant financial loss. And a shutdown of the power plant due to unexpected interruptions is even more costly. The high-performance TTR series dehumidifiers from Trotec ensure extra safety for your plant equipment. If there is too much humidity in a power plant it starts attacking the plant parts. Water vapour condenses on the metal parts as an extremely thin coating. The metal oxidises, triggering a corrosion process which is hard to stop.

But where does the moisture come from? In summer there is generally a high level of humidity. In autumn and winter there is frequent rainfall, and this moisture gets into the industrial plant. Did you know that simply “heating away” this moisture is not an efficient solution and is usually not even possible? And the weather is not the only problem that lies at the heart of the power plant. In the boiler, steam is generated with which the turbines are driven. If the steam generation is interrupted, steam will condense on the surfaces. And then corrosion threatens again!

Remedy the situation and upgrade your power plant. The TTR adsorption drying units aggressively target damaging moisture, thus providing protection against corrosion and electrical faults. With innovative technology and good workmanship they perfectly complement turbines, boilers and electronics. Naturally, all Trotec products are “Made in Germany”, of the highest quality and available at a fair price.
We’re proud to present the powerful dehumidifier from Trotec – the perfect addition for your production processes and for a long service life of your sensitive components! Our humidifiers are available in various designs – to buy or to rent. We will be happy to advise you.

Trust in the reliability of Trotec industrial services: We work with you on-site to analyse the equipment requirements, prepare a detailed calculation of the operating costs and assist you with help and advice on questions concerning the unit type, installation site, and application. Call us at +49 2452 962 777 or email us at

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