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tro_blog_banner_temp_tection_enThe latest news reports confirmed the fact that viruses can easily cross whole continents via air plane taken by infected passengers. This increases the risk of a pandemic, the spread of an infectious illness across countries and even continents. Research into the danger of viruses, spreading via flight routes by scientists at the Max Planck Institute for Informatics in Saarbrücken, have produced unequivocal results.

In their study, the Max Planck scientists simulated the starting point of an infectious illness and calculated the speed of spread into other countries. 3458 airports, 68,820 flight connections and 171 different types of plane were included in the simulation. The central finding of the study is that viruses spread slowly until they reach a major hub-airport for flight connections. From here an infection can spread rapidly all over the world. In future the health authorities may, in the event of a pandemic, decide whether to close airports or redirect certain flight connections with the help of this flight route simulator. Whatever the case may be, at the first sign of illness, you should reach for the thermometer. Viral infections are not the only risk, even the flu is not always as harmless as is commonly believed.

This is how it works

You should have one of these two devices ready to hand in your home medicine cabinet: the TempTection EasyTherm Ear Thermometer or the TempTection BodyPlus Fever Thermometer. Both are very easy to use and take internal body temperature readings within seconds using infrared technology. In addition, you can use the devices in dark bedrooms, thanks to the illuminated displays. The practical Ear Thermometer automatically saves each last measurement and the TempTection BodyPlus Fever Thermometer is even equipped with a memory function to save up to 32 measurements, allowing you to compare temperature measurements.

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