NEW VQuick – quick connections for drying installations


For ages, when drying insulation layers on building sites, the ends of hoses and their links to T and Y distributors, connectors and end connectors had to be secured using good old hose clamps. This was just as inconvenient as it was time-consuming! It’s just as well that these days are finally over, thanks to the new VQuick System from Trotec! Simply connect, and when the work is done, pull apart, then reuse. VQuick is completely leak-proof and highly adaptable.

We asked a number of large building renovation companies to test VQuick. The clear-cut result: using VQuick to install hose systems for drying insulation layers saves roughly 15 minutes compared with conventional systems. The cost savings are therefore clear to see! Perhaps you would like a few examples of how quickly and easily you could work with VQuick in future?

This is how it works

With the new VQuick connecting elements you can easily create drying installations of any size. Regardless of how many drying holes or branches need to be linked up, each VQuick connector will hold perfectly without leaks. Here’s the secret: all components are made with a transverse groove on the inside and a lock ring on the outside, which allow the pieces to be easily connected and disconnected, saving you time as well as money.

Thanks to our new VQuick System, several T distributors can, for example, be joined together using one connecting piece to create branches for individual rooms. It is also possible to preconfigure the individual hose components (1 m, 2 m, 3 m, etc.) in order to then use these with the individual distributing pieces (T distributors, bends, extensions).

Do you have questions about the new VQuick system or would you like to see some samples?

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VQuick PVC End Fitting for a 38mm hose

VQuick Rubber Air Inlet Connector for a 38mm hose

VQuick Rubber Air Inlet Elbow Connector for a 38mm hose

VQuick PVC Distributor for a 38mm hose

VQuick Connecting Piece for a 38mm hose

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