Dryness is the best recipe


From ingredients delivery through production to storage –  with delicate products like sugar and chocolate the air conditions need to be just right. As soon as sensitive ingredients such as cacao, sugar and flavour powders come in contact with moisture, the quality of your confectionery product will suffer.

So your goods should really have one constant companion – dry air! This will keep the ingredients ready for processing and ensure the very best production quality. Use Trotec’s dehumidifiers in confectionery manufacturing.

Dryness is the best recipe

Sugar, fondant, chocolate and other sweetstuffs are popularly known as “gob stickers” in Germany, and with good reason. For when these products come into contact with moisture, they get sticky. Sugar goes lumpy. Anyone who has ever left their sugar jar open knows this. Chocolate, too, suffers badly when it comes into contact with moisture. The fat in the chocolate gives off water. But moisture and water break down the sugar in the chocolate. When this water evaporates, the sugar remains, rough and crystallised, on the surface. The chocolate looks unappetising and its taste has suffered to the point that it is almost useless. If you do not act quickly to protect your confectionery production from moisture, it can harm your good reputation and mean substantial financial loss. The production environment needs to be right from the moment the raw materials arrive. This is vital in ensuring that production of your chocolate, etc., gets off to a good start. And the entire transport and production path needs to be climate controlled and protected to guarantee the best quality for your goods. There is only one ideal solution for combating high humidity in production – replace moist air with dry air in the production hall. And the most effective way to achieve this is by using a powerful air dehumidifier.

And that’s where the Trotec Group’s range of powerful units in the TTR series and the DH series come in. Great at drying, and highly durable – that’s what Trotec’s DH series industrial condenser dryers are known for. Ideally, you use these tough all-rounders for initial dehumidification in the areas containing coating pans or drying chambers. In contrast to the robust condenser dryers, the TTR series of industrial dryers works on the adsorption principle. That means that the power packs – also available in stainless steel – work with two separate air flows (TTR Trisorp Dual principle). They are also easy to regulate and extremely efficient.

Why should you use a Trotec Group high performance air dehumidifier?

  • All of the units are of “made in Germany” quality.
  • Simple to use, and air volumes can be finely adjusted.
  • The Duoventic principle enables you to separately, and finely, adjust the moisture content and volume flow of the dry air you require.
  • All the models can easily be integrated into existing systems.

In the food industry it is indisputable that every operation has its own idiosyncrasies, workflows, equipment and spatial characteristics. Off-the-shelf products are not the solution here, and tricky, retrospective modifications to existing HVAC systems can be ruled out for financial reasons. You can avoid this by coming to us, since we can provide a bespoke solution for your operation and your problem.

Put your trust in Trotec’s Industrial Service. Our technicians will visit your production and storage facilities and calculate your air dehumidification requirements. How many units of which model will you need to ensure top production quality in your operation? Our experts will work that out. And we shall be happy to provide the air dehumidification solution we have calculated, with mobile units, for a trial. In this way you can find out whether our Industrial Service matches your expectations. Put Trotec’s quality to the test! We shall look forward to that.

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