Good sound requires proper care


Music instruments that are completely or partly produced from wood react to the humidity in the air. Stringed instruments, pianos, guitars and similar items suffer in particular, when the surrounding air is dry. They become warped and are rendered brittle and fragile. This is because the moisture is drained from the wood. Are you a lover of musical instruments? Or are you responsible for managing an entire storage room of instruments and maintaining them? Then protect your valuable items by providing them with the environmental conditions that they need – with the evaporation humidifiers from Trotec.

The great sensitivity of musical instruments is known to anyone who has ever visited a classical concert and has seen and heard how the musicians – whether soloists or orchestra members – tune their instruments. Complete concentration, finesse and, of course, a good ear for music are needed to ensure that every instrument is optimally tuned and can express its true character. Instruments that are made completely or partially of wood are particularly sensitive. This is because they are hygroscopic – meaning they react to humidity. Therefore, the place, in which the instruments are stored, must have the best possible air conditions. If the surrounding air is too dry, moisture is drained from the wood. The result: The instruments become warped, they get tension cracks and the sound suffers enormously. Experts advise that an air humidity of 55 percent should be maintained both during the manufacture and the storage of valuable instruments. Only in this way their value and sound can be safeguarded. And because instruments only react to their environment slowly, you should provide them with ongoing humidification. The Trotec group supports you in doing this – with the reliable technology of its evaporation humidifiers.

Reliable protection

Wood should be considered a living material that is always at work. As a lover of instruments, you should therefore support it actively. Provide stringed instruments, pianos, clarinets, oboes, guitars and flutes with the surroundings in which they will feel best – all the time! It can be easily done with a humidifier from Trotec. Start a model of your choice, set the desired humidity value and you can immediately stop worrying about your instruments.

Hygrostat-controlled and absolutely reliable: For example, the model B 400 works like that. This high-performance disc humidifier sucks in the ambient air and directs it through a humidification drum. This rotates through a water quench, where the sucked-in air is cleaned effectively and enriched with moisture so that it can then be emitted back into the ambient air with two selectable fan settings. Obviously, the process involves no condensation.

The advantages of the B 400 humidifier at a glance:

  • Clear control panel with hygrostat and fan regulator
  • The rotating evaporation fleece cleans and humidifies the air
  • Fan with two settings
  • Automatic shut-down
  • Robust construction made from powder-coated sheet steel
  • Economical and low-maintenance application

Protection and care for preservation of value and sound of expensive musical instruments – it’s all so simple! The humidifier B 400 is now available at a special price of £147.41 in our Trotec online shop.


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