First lessons learned after the emissions scandal

Carbon Monoxide Meter

Anyone who cares even a little bit about the environment is probably rubbing their eyes in disbelief as they read about the recent emissions scandal. “How is this possible?” “Is no-one monitoring them?” These and similar questions are currently whirling through the heated air. And many a person will also presumably be asking themselves what they can possibly do as individual consumers to thwart this or other abuses.

As unbelievable as the misconduct of some individuals in the current emissions disaster may be – the sober-minded ones amongst us know that right next to our pointing finger there are four fingers always pointing back towards ourselves. Haven’t we all known for a long time that virtually every car manufacturer almost always calculates its exhaust and consumption figures under better conditions than what are actually realistic? But has that stopped any one of us from elatedly marching into the next car dealership with a pounding heart? And don’t we all occasionally like to read test reviews of a super car bristling with horsepower, with which we would finally be able to put that swaggering neighbour in his place? If instead, significantly more consumers had been demanding more realistic exhaust and consumption figures from politics and the automotive lobby – through letters to editors, e-mails to advocacy groups, in conversations with their local MP – who knows if the current XXL scandal in this form would have ever come about.

With the BG20 measuring instrument, everyone can put their own car in order

Thus this momentary scandal can be interpreted as a great opportunity – to move towards a more sustainable and truly better way of treating the environment. And if you ever want to find out for yourself how clean the engine of your car is actually running, you will find that as a manufacturer of innovative measuring instruments, Trotec is definitely by your side – for example with the BG20 Carbon Monoxide Meter. With this convenient device you will be able to calculate the exact carbon monoxide (CO) content of the ambient air within a short time. And right away you will know if your car is within the applicable boundary limits or if you should really pay a visit to a garage. Here are the boundary limits for CO as set by the EU: In the exhaust emission standards Euro 5 and Euro 6, 1000 ppm (Ottomotor) has been set as the boundary limit, for vehicles with a diesel engine the boundary limit is 500 ppm.

How it works

The BG20 reliably measures CO values between 0 and 1,000 ppm and the exact result up to ± 10 ppm is immediately shown on the large, easily legible display. Beginning at 35 ppm the instrument gives off an alarm sound, the interval between them becomes shorter as the concentration increases and the tone is emitted as a permanent warning sound above 200 ppm. The boundary alarm limit can be individually adjusted for each measurement carried out. This way you can very simply ensure compliance with the boundary limits in applicable work place guidelines.

Even when measuring in dark areas, the figures are clearly recognisable due to the background illumination. In addition you can save up to ten measured values and make use of the Maximum Value function and Hold function. The clearly arranged function keys allow the measuring instrument to be conveniently used with just one hand.

Trust is good. But monitoring with the BG20 is better!

Incidentally, along with the emission of CO due to faulty engine timings, the dangers of CO pollution in the air are frequently underestimated in factories, craft businesses and workshops. Here too, inspections with a specialised measuring instrument are to be recommended: so take advantage of our offer and order the BG20 Carbon Monoxide Meter not for £ 154.47 but for just £ 108.12 incl. VAT – now in the Trotec Shop!

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