Full energy on two wheels

SecoSan Water

You love exercising on two wheels? Whether its relaxing cycling trips in the forest or sporty racing or mountain bike tours – your ever-ready companion should always be a healthy supply of water. That’s because it gives you the energy you need to keep going and to be able to enjoy the trip thoroughly and fully. You can get healthy drinking water from the tap at home. You enrich this by keeping it with a SecoSan stick from Trotec and filling up your sports flask whenever you need it. Easy, fast and extraordinarily fresh and healthy. Just the right thing for your body – especially when temperatures are high! 

Full energy on two wheels

Take off with momentum and get the cycling tour started. Bicycles can take a lot out of us. Either we want to discover nature and our surroundings or we want to complete a particular stretch for exercise. So that every cycling trip is a success, you should make sure that you take enough drinks with you before you start. That’s because if your body becomes dehydrated, it will experience an unfortunate downturn. Energy disappears, muscles become weak and under certain conditions you can suffer from headaches or even dizziness. The reason is the water that your body loses through sweating. The exertion causes water to be released from your pours and in high outdoor temperatures we become dehydrated even faster.

The first signs  

Dehydration of the body can normally be recognised from the feeling of thirst. The mouth becomes dry and headaches start to set in. No wonder that in such moments, cycling seems to have little to do with enjoying sport any more. It becomes torturous. It is therefore absolutely necessary that you take enough water with you. You can test yourself in advance by checking the colour of your urine. It is almost colourless for people who are in a healthy condition. The more yellow the colour, the more that you need to drink.

Drink small amounts more often

The success of your bike training often comes down to correct water dosages. Under no circumstances should you drink large amounts all at once. That is unhealthy. It’s better to enjoy fresh, healthy water in smaller amounts – but to do so more often. The rule of thumb for balanced hydration of the body is simple: If you lose 500 grams of weight from cycling, you should “tank up” your body with 500 ml water. If you lose a kilogram, then a litre of water is needed, and so on. And for a longer cycling trip you should bring sufficient liquid to take in spread throughout the day. Ideally, half a litre every half hour – at least when you are on a particularly sweat-inducing trip. This will mean you can always give it your best when cycling.

Water, the source of energy 

Pure water! That’s the healthiest source of energy with the lowest amount of calories for your cycling trip. This source of energy can be found at home. Because our tap water is of good quality. It tastes even more fresh and crisp when you fill up a container and keep it with a SecoSan stick from Trotec. This is because the SecoSan stick releases silver ions that keep the water clear and germ-free. In addition, oxygen is also bound to the water. This means that your sports refreshment is always fresh and crisp like a freshwater spring.

Anyone who needs to drink without any loss of flavour and still wants to ensure a supply of fresh water can enrich their SecoSan water with orange or lemon peels or use it to prepare themselves a refreshing tea – without sugar of course.

SecoSan – the taste of energy

A SecoSan stick is effective for half a year, even if you change the water in your sports bottle every day! It is available in different sizes. For cycling we offer the SecoSan stick 1 and 2 – for water quantities of up to 0.7 litres and up to two litres! Ideal for sports bottles. Both sizes are currently available in the Trotec online shop at a top discount price. The size 1 SecoSan stick in a practical triple pack and size 2 in a favourable double pack are on offer for just 9.95 euros!

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