Current storm warning: drying tips for water damages

5 suggestions

At the end of the heatwave the temperature drops and storms follow: according to the forecast of the german weather service in Offenbach in south Germany heavy storms with “thunder storm potential” are threaten. In Düsseldorf heavy rainfall flooded the streets at monday morning. According to the forecast up to 80 litres of rain could fall locally in between 48 hours per square meter. 5 Suggestions for special cases…

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ONE condensate pump for all dehumidifiers of the new TTK S series


The times when you had to buy a new condensate pump for every new dehumidifier are over. For the four dehumidifiers of our new TTK S series there is just one pump that suits all devices. It doesn’t matter if you use the dehumidifier TTK 125 S, TTK 175 S, TTK 355 S or TTK 655 S, the condensate pump is the same and if you ever get a new model of the series you will not need a new one.

Additionally, the pump is available for permanent drying and extremely powerful because it has a pump performance of up to 50 m distance and a maximum pump height of 4 m. Thus you can even permanently drain condensation from whole stories of buildings.

New insulation drying unit VX 5 now for rent


Now you can hire our new VX 5 MultiQube on a daily basis at TKL for a cheap price. With such a high performance you will get quicker to your next customer.

When water, like during the floods this year, penetrates the insulating layers a usual dehumidifier is not enough and you need an insulation dryer. The MultiQube makes the insulation layer drying faster and the VX 5 is part of our product range now. Powerful and versatile for all fields of application. Read More

Trotec Flood Info: The main facts about drying units


It is very important to make a fast dehumidification because the longer it takes the higher is the possibility that consequential damages appear. How long a dehumidification takes depends on the choice of the drying unit. Another important point is the place where the dehumidifier is set up.

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Trotec Flood Info: What to do against the smell after the flood damage?


In connection with a water damage an unpleasant smell often appears. It smells musty and gets worse from day to day. That smell, like many others, mainly derive from nitrogen, sulphur, and hydrocarbon compounds which develop through evaporation and decomposition processes. Now here is good news for you: To neutralize these smells you don’t need aromatic substances or chemicals. The solution is oxidation.

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Trotec Flood Info: How to dry floor insulations


On Saturday we already explained why floor insulations should always be dried by a certified company. Furthermore, we explained that here an under pressure drying is made and how that method works. Today we want to explain you the details of that method and show you solutions of typical problems which can occur during the drying process.

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Trotec Flood Info: What to do when mould attacks?


Especially in wet rooms mould growth is more common. Thus, bathrooms have to be ventilated after taking a shower or bath, in laundry cellars you should always keep a window open when drying your laundry to let the wet air get out. For the same reasons mould very often grows after water and flood damages. When only small areas are affected by mould you can remove it yourself. If the affected area is bigger you, by all means, should consult an expert because then it is not only harder to remove the mould but it can also already penetrate non-visible areas and, additionally, harm your health.

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Trotec Flood Info: How long does a dehumidification take?


When after a flood the worst is over and the water levels get back to normal the real work just begins. Water has to be pumped out of cellars and other rooms, wet flooring like carpets, wet furniture and other inventory must be brought out of the house. One of the most frequently asked questions after floods is how long a dehumidification takes. That depends on some different factors. Among other things whether you make the dehumidification on your own or if you ask for an expert’s advice. We want to explain you when it is necessary to ask a specialist.

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Trotec assists flood victims with expertise


The news are full of reports about the flood that already has Southern and Eastern Germany as well as parts of Switzerland, Austria and of the Czech Republic under tight control. For all persons concerned Trotec wants to provide competent know how to make your homes dry and free from any damages as quickly as possible. We are – after the flood of the river Elbe in 2002 and the flood in Denmark in 2011 – flood-tested even beyond the German borders.
Furthermore – and that is really important – we want to explain you what you can do by yourself and when it is besser to ask for an experts advice.

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Flood damage: Competent advice and reliable assistance on the spot

a flooded street and water damage restoration experts

The Trotec Group offers a broad range of products and services all around climate conditioning, metrology and damage restoration. Especially in the field of flood and water damage restoration, we benefit hugely from this unique combination of competences, for this allows us to offer our customers full service from one single source. Professional equipment for sale, temporary solutions for rent and, above all, the competent advice our experienced experts can give.

This single-source approach guarantees a fast and reliable reaction to flood and water damage, especially when the worst comes to the worst.

In order to make it even easier for those people who are affected to get in touch with us, we have now launched a new service website that is explicitly designed to support those regions which have recently been hit by floods and high water: is the site where local water damage restoration companies, resellers and rental services that supply the necessary equipment can get information about our product range. It is also where councils, local authorities and governments can seek advice on how the Trotec Group can assist the restoration process and make the clean-up operation more efficient and productive. For we have the experience which is vital in such situations – and we hope to be of assistance not only for the people in Germany, but also in every other country where devastating floods have turned the lives the citizens upside down.

There will always be natural disasters like floods and high water. But with the right preparation and a competent partner for the entire restoration process in the aftermath, reaction times can be reduced to a minimum and subsequent damage can be avoided – for the benefit of all people affected.

The Trotec Group is there for you when it matters most. We are everywhere you need us to be: wherever there is a demand, at any point of the globe and twenty-four-seven.

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