Trotec and TKL give flood aid in Great Britain


Extraordinary amounts of rainfall have affected large parts of Wales and the South of England. Many houses and flats have been flooded; many people recently started cleaning up. With many years of experience in construction drying and dehumidification and after helping during the floods in 2011 in Denmark as well as in 2013 in Germany, France and Austria Trotec and TKL want to support people in Great Britain.

When the high water is over work just begins because buildings are still wet and it is highly necessary to immediately drain them and to renovate the damages occurred. Otherwise it is possible that mould stains can lead to health problems. Read More

Trotec Flood Info: What to do against the smell after the flood damage?


In connection with a water damage an unpleasant smell often appears. It smells musty and gets worse from day to day. That smell, like many others, mainly derive from nitrogen, sulphur, and hydrocarbon compounds which develop through evaporation and decomposition processes. Now here is good news for you: To neutralize these smells you don’t need aromatic substances or chemicals. The solution is oxidation.

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Trotec assists flood victims with expertise


The news are full of reports about the flood that already has Southern and Eastern Germany as well as parts of Switzerland, Austria and of the Czech Republic under tight control. For all persons concerned Trotec wants to provide competent know how to make your homes dry and free from any damages as quickly as possible. We are – after the flood of the river Elbe in 2002 and the flood in Denmark in 2011 – flood-tested even beyond the German borders.
Furthermore – and that is really important – we want to explain you what you can do by yourself and when it is besser to ask for an experts advice.

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