New insulation drying unit VX 5 now for rent


Now you can hire our new VX 5 MultiQube on a daily basis at TKL for a cheap price. With such a high performance you will get quicker to your next customer.

When water, like during the floods this year, penetrates the insulating layers a usual dehumidifier is not enough and you need an insulation dryer. The MultiQube makes the insulation layer drying faster and the VX 5 is part of our product range now. Powerful and versatile for all fields of application.

High-revving and ultraflexible turbo engine

The special turbo engine of the new VX 5 MultiQube has a three-step power controller and works with up to 20,000 rpm. Nevertheless, the device doesn’t overheat because of the sturdy motor control electronics and air inlets.
Another innovation is that unlike conventional side channel compressors the output and power consumption are always linear and directly interrelated. That means when the output is reduced the power consumption reduces as well.
To ensure that nothing can go wrong the new VX 5 has the unique power control indicators VX Optiflow. They show whether a drying installation works at the highest efficiency level or the air passage is insufficient and an optimization of the construction is required. Of course, the new insulation drying unit is compatible with the entire MultiQube series.

The VX 5 can be hired at TKL now

When you need the VX 5 MultiQube only for a short work at a customer you can hire it for a favourable price – for only 12 Euros per day plus VAT (minimal stay: seven days). That gives you the possibility to convince yourself of the new device.
For a thorough drying you can also hire water separators as well as all accessories like the silencer NR19 and diverse extension cables.
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