The NEW TIH 1100 S Infrared heating panel – finally in stock!


Perfect timing, right? Autumn has just begun and the sun’s heating power is weakening, and already we are offering the affordable alternative for the home: Just like the sun, the TIH 1100 S heating panel generates direct comforting heat via infrared radiation. This doesn’t heat the ambient air, but all objects in the room – from people to walls, ceilings, floors and furniture. The objects then continuously release the stored heat again.

The trademark heating panel with TÜV-tested quality is optimally suited to practically any usage scenario – and is very easy to operate at the same time, since you only have to insert the connector cable in the next socket. The following examples show how resourcefully the TIH 1100 S infrared heating panel can be used as a flexible all-rounder:

  • Heat source in living rooms. Mounted on the wall to save space, the heating panel is the perfect point by point auxiliary heater. It generates direct heat wherever it is required by the occupants – whether it be in the living room, conservatory or bathroom.
  • Quick dehumidifier for wall surfaces. The infrared heating of suitable wall-building materials by the TIH 1100 S causes a capillary moisture transfer in the direction of the heated wall surface due to the temperature gradient. In contrast to diffusion, much more moisture can thus be transferred out of the wall in a shorter time.
  • Workplace heater such as in warehouses and workshops. Behind refrigerated counters, in workshops or in large halls, the TIH 1100 S’s infrared spot heating offers great heating and cost benefits: Thanks to the light wave technology, 100% of the heat enters the workplace, the ambient air has no effect on the heating capacity and unoccupied hall areas no longer have to be heated up at great expense.
  • Heating unit in catering. Much more effective than conventional gas heaters, the TIH 1100 S infrared heating panel, as a floor-mounted or wall-mounted device, is the optimum solution for the point by point heating of sales stalls and terrace areas – or even outdoor smoking areas.

This is how it works

The TIH 1100 S heats with efficient and environmentally friendly infrared C radiation. This heat, transported via light waves, enables direct object heating without convective heat loss and ensures the maximum level of efficiency – 100% of the electrical energy used is converted into heating capacity!

A suspension device is integrated at the back of the timelessly elegant heating section – with a white powder-coated metal surface in an anodised aluminium frame – that allows you to attach the TIH 1100 S to the wall both horizontally and vertically. Furthermore, optional feet mean that it can be used as a free-standing unit and the mounting clips that are available as an accessory allow the unit to be attached to standard mounting supports.

The TIH 1100 S Infra-red heating panel – the flexible all-rounder!

Take advantage of our current launch discount: Order the new TIH 1100 S infrared heating panel today for just £168.77 incl. VAT reduced from £281.32 – now in the Trotec shop!

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