Infrared heating panels TIH 500 S and 700 S – now TÜV-certified


The infrared heating panels TIH 500 S and 700 S are among our all-time favourite recommended highlights, to provide rooms without heating with an effective heating source for example, or as occasional, auxiliary heating in living spaces. Our trademarked heating panels have now been awarded the “Qualitäts-Siegel” seal of approval by indisputably the most objectivetesting institute; the TÜV Rheinland! Having TÜV certified -quality gives our infrared heating panels a further significant advantage.

The infrared heating panels TIH 500 S and 700 S create direct heat with infrared radiation based on the natural principle of the sun. This means that it is not the air in the room that is heated, but the objects. The objects then continue to radiate the heat they have stored into the room. Unlike traditional heating units, which only heat the surrounding air and then circulate it around the space, infrared radiation heat gives the same feeling of warmth at a lower air temperature. In conjunction with the reduced air circulation this normally results in a more comfortable indoor climate with less dry air and with lower levels of dust. In addition, heat is given off almost immediately after switch-on so that rooms can be used quickly and comfortably, despite having little or no heating.

Possible uses for the infrared heating panels TIH 500 S and 700 S

  • Heating living spaces: Whether used in a living room, a conservatory or a bathroom, as an occasional, auxiliary heater our infrared heating panel creates heat right where it is needed. Attached to the wall to save space it only needs a standard plug socket for operation.
  • Use in gastronomy: As a free-standing- or wall unit, the infrared heat panel offers the perfect solution to selectively heat sales stands or terraces. What’s more, it is much more effective than traditional gas heaters.
  • Workplace heating: Simply used upright with the foot stands, the infrared spot heater brings a pleasant warmth to previously draughty or cool workplaces, for example, in warehouses, behind refrigerated counters and in workshops or large halls.
  • Faster drying for wall surfaces: When used to speed up drying in construction or restoration work with suitable building materials, the infrared heater, because of the temperature gradient, causes a capillary moisture transport in the direction of the heated wall surface, which in contrast to diffusion can transport considerably more moisture from the wall in less time.

This is how it works

Clean heating with no noise, no smell, no condensation, and no dust agitation. The infrared heating panel TIH 500 S with 580 Watt and the TIH 700 S with 700 Watt heating capacity – just plug in and go. Behind the exterior of the timelessly elegant heating panels, with white powder-coated metal surfaces in anodised aluminium frames, is a complex structure which gives you a wide-range of options: The built-in suspension fitting on the the rear makes it extremely easy to attach to the wall either horizontally or vertically. The optional feet mean that it can be used as a free-standing unit and the mounting clips, that are available as an accessory, allow the unit to be attached to standard mounting supports.

Four of the many advantages that I particularly like:

  • Trademarked heating panels with TÜV-certified quality.
  • The efficient heating method uses environmentally friendly IR-C radiation.
  • Heat is transported via light waves – direct object heating without convective heat loss.
  • The maximum level of efficiency – 100% of the electrical energy used is converted into heating capacity.

Infrared heating panels TIH 500 S and 700 S – our recommended highlights

You can count on our trademarked TÜV-certified heating panels and order the infrared heating panel today to take advantage of our latest price offer

  • TIH 500 S for only £71.42 instead of £151.83,
  • TIH 700 S for only £89.30 instead of £178.64,

including VAT. – now available in the Trotec shop!

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