TCH 22 E Convector – it’s back!

Our TCH 22 E Convector can heat small to medium-sized rooms in no time with a “flying start” thanks to its connectible turbo-fan. This, along with its stylish appearance, comfortable handling and unbeatable price, got around so fast that the sturdy direct heater was sold out overnight. That is: Until yesterday – because the perfect transition or auxiliary heating solution TCH 22 is now available once again!

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The NEWTCH 2000 E convector – stylish heating unitfor clean warmth

tro_blog_tch_2000_e_banner_enOur new heater is highly elegant and eye-catching. It not only looks great but is also highly practical for heating purposes. The stylish TCH 2000 E convection heateris the ideal heating solution if you are looking for quick, easy and clean heating in your rooms, and is at the same time aesthetically appealing.

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TCH 20 E and 22 E Convectors – they’re finally back!


No need to freeze any more – at least not in your own home: There are elegant solutions precisely for this from Trotec, like our TCH 20 E and TCH 22 E convection heaters, for example, which are finally available again. These small electric heaters are an optimal heating solution and simply ideal as a temporary or supplementary heater. This is because both devices guarantee quick, cosy warmth, are blissfully convenient to operate and purchasing them is super affordable.

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TDS 10 Electric-powered fan – finally back in stock and available for delivery!


Robust technology packaged in a budget-optimised solution – the benefits which impress with the TDS 10 Electric-powered fan. As the heater neither consumes oxygen, when compared to directly fired gas or oil heating devices, nor generates combustion exhaust gas, it is therefore ideal for temperature control for unheated internal rooms and spaces like on-site trailers, site huts and workshops or smaller cellars and storage rooms. It is therefore about time that this little “firebrand” is once again available and ready for immediate delivery.

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Professional air conditioning for tents and large indoor spaces – TKL has the solution


Regardless whether at a private party in a marquee or a business event in a large indoor space: when the temperature is too high, nobody feels all that comfortable with pearls of sweat on their brow or when wearing a sweaty shirt. The professional mobile air conditioning devices from Trotec provide quick cooling – and when you only need them temporarily, renting with the TKL, the Trotec Rental Division, provides a particularly cost-effective solution.

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NEW Infra-red Heating panel TIH 650 – optimal for drying wall surfaces

tih650Drying wall surfaces in new buildings, or after water damage and refurbishment, usually requires a little more time than what impatient investors or builders like to quote for. The infra-red heating panels present an easy alternative. But unfortunately many conventional heating panelsradiate heat unevenly – inadequate for effectively drying surfaces. But Trotec has something: the new TIH 650 infra-red heating panel. Read More

Guide ‘Mobile winter heating’ 5/5 – Calculating heat output

heating calculator

Anyone who knows how to calculate the required heating capacity in a building or tent is far ahead of the game in regards to the welfare of the people entrusted to his protection. So, if you have leadership responsibility for your employees outside on construction sites or even have to care for the welfare of refugees in their tents, you should start calculating now. By the way, this is easier than you may think and any open questions can be resolved using our sample calculation.      Read More

More than just hot air

Electric fan heater

Your guests should feel well – whether couples, families, entire school classes or hiking groups. That is your number one motto as a provider of holiday homes and cottages.

As long as the weather does its job, the comfortable conditions of the rooms don’t need to be discussed. But as soon as temperatures drop, all these accommodations have to be heated – even only for the short term in some cases. To make sure you are always prepared, all holiday facilities should have a mobile heating equipment that can be accessed at all times. Trotec’s TDS series of electric fan heaters are always ready to make your guests feel comfortable. Read More

Two frequently asked questions about electric heaters from the TDS range

Electric Heaters

This question about the TDS electric heaters often has our customers reaching for the telephone in the cold winter months: “Why doesn’t the air blowing out of the heater feel hot?” and they are frequently worried by this second question: “What actually is the difference between the square and round heaters if the performance specifications are exactly the same?” Of course, straight away: here are the ultimate answers…

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Always ready!

TEH high-performance electric heating units

In the administration and management of buildings you often expect surprises: water damage or broken-down heating or cooling systems. As facility manager, you have to react as quickly as possible in order to limit the damage.

A dehumidifier or construction dryer is essential for drying out wet areas of a building’s structure, a mobile heating system can step in if the heating breaks down, and a short-term cooling device can keep the air-conditioning in order if there is a problem with the cooling system. Prepare yourself for numerous possibilities – with a selection of mobile devices from Trotec! Read More