‘Practical knowledge concerning infrared heaters’: How design solutions become true with ‘IRD dark radiant heaters’

Trotec makes your dreams come true – for example, for cosy warmth without any bothersome light emission whatsoever. That’s why our high-quality IRD dark radiant heaters are the first choice for every architecturally demanding indoor area. With their minimalistic aluminium design housing and their black radiating surface, the heaters blend in both discreetly and stylishly – whether on your private patio, an office building’s outdoor lounge or in an upscale gastronomical setting.

Use of high-quality materials and excellent workmanship make the dark radiant heaters of the IRD series an especially elegant solution for wind-protected outdoor areas. And best of all: This does not affect the ambient lighting and the light colour of the lamps used. The skin tones of persons under the lamp also appear unaltered and completely natural.

The IRD dark radiant heaters can also be mounted on a wall or ceiling and can, especially when several are mounted, provide heat radiation to very large areas.

In this case, it is important to ensure sufficient wind protection so that cooling draughts do not cancel the heat radiation effect. Both particularly practical and cost-saving is the fact that the dark radiant heaters are maintenance-free, since no lamps not need to be replaced.

IRD dark radiant heaters – rainproof and protected against dust build-up

All IRS series devices have the IP55 protection class and are thus protected against jets of water from all directions and against dust build-up inside. This makes the devices suitable for installation outdoors, on patios, balconies and covered outdoor areas and universally applicable. What’s more, Trotec’s fourIRD dark radiant heaters, with thermal outputs ranging from 1200 to 3200 W for areas between 4 and 21 m2 , virtually satisfies all the various requirements.

Want to find out more about our infrared heater solutions?

  • Simply continue to follow the Practical Knowledge series on this subject: In the next articles we will introduce, among other things, the attractive infrared heating panels for indoor use as well as make a direct comparison of all the Trotec infrared heaters.
  • You can find further extensive information about our infrared heaters in our online Trotec Shop. Here you can find just the right device for each individual requirement.

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