‘Practical knowledge concerning infrared heaters’: Everything about choosing and installing infrared heat sources

Infrared heaters are trendy. They produce clean warmth, are economical, maintenance-free and – if they’re from Trotec – come at an unbeatable price. Very different devices are also available for different requirements: Do you want to enjoy cosy warmth outside on your patio? Or quickly control the temperature of cool bathrooms and cold corners inside? Are any solutions available if you tend to feel bothered by infrared light? You can find answers to these and more questions in our five-part ‘Practical knowledge concerning infrared heaters’ series.

Infrared radiation provides warmth without preheating, and it does so noiselessly, odourlessly, condensation-free and without whirling up dust. That’s why we recommend it for allergy sufferers in particular. Certain infrared radiant heaters are especially suited for feeling a soothing warmth on your patio or balcony on cold days. Is your patio or outdoor area covered by a roof, for example, or do the devices also have to be able to withstand heavy rain showers as well? Do you want the heaters to be used in an upscale gastronomical setting or in a particularly sophisticated patio area?

Very important: Do you have particularly wind-protected areas where installing an infrared heater suggests itself from the outset, since the cooling air circulation will otherwise counteract the heating effect? You should be aware that infrared radiators do not heat the room air directly. Instead, all objects in the room are heated, which then permanently give off the stored thermal energy into the room. To make sure you are pleasantly warm, you should first think about how and where you want to place the radiant heaters – the following installation tips will help you do so.

Installation tips for infrared radiant heaters

Want to find out more about our infrared heater solutions?

  • Simply continue to follow the Practical Knowledge series on this subject: The next articles will, among other things, describe infrared heat sources with reduced light output or no light output at all.
  • You can find further extensive information about our infrared heaters in our online Trotec Shop. Here you can find just the right device for each individual requirement.

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