‘Practical knowledge concerning infrared heaters’: Why ‘low glare’ heaters create a cosy candlelight atmosphere

Together with the heat radiation, infrared heaters generally also emit an orange-red light that many find warm and cosy. However, such a competing light source can become annoying or bothersome to those who value a customised light concept. We are now able to resolve this conflict between an elaborate lighting concept and an unfortunately cold patio: Thanks to the ‘low glare’ heaters you are now able to enjoy cosy infrared heat in a pleasant candlelight atmosphere.

Whether a romantic candlelight dinner, patios and balconies with their own light concepts, in an upscale gastronomical setting or at event locations – sometimes a little less is allowed, no, is in fact a must. The same is true when it comes to the reduced light radiation emitted by a low glare radiant heater. Highly efficient and highly economical, weather-proof, low glare radiant heaters provide heat to outdoor areas in the private and commercial sector and have only a minimal impact on the existing lighting concept.

How the low glare technology works

The heating light tube looks just as intense orange in low glare heaters as it does in models without the low glare technology. The actually emitted and visible light, however, is about 80% less. That’s because low glare short-waves generate a larger proportion of infrared light in the invisible light spectrum. What’s more, the infrared radiation is bundled by an innovative coating procedure, thereby reducing scattering losses. This technology allows the Trotec radiant heaters to achieve a light reduction of up to 80% at a service life of up to 6000 hours.

Weatherproof – the low glare heaters from Trotec

Trotec’s IR 2010 and IR 2050 radiant heaters offer two low glare heaters to choose from that can weather sudden downpours and dust storms alike with ease. This is because both boast the IP65 protection class – a design impervious both to water and dirt. Its robust construction therefore makes it excellently suited to be mounted on uncovered balconies and patios. Since they are dustproof, you can also use these radiant heaters in rooms or workshops that have high concentrations of dust.

Want to find out more about our infrared heater solutions?

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