NEW Frost monitor TCH 1 E with clean, condensation-free, odourless heat

Now the old felt slippers, extra thick wool socks and scratchy blankets can be put back in the closet: The quick-heater TCH 1 E is finally available – and already on its way to our customers! For example as an additional source of heat for cold days or as a perfect heating solution in rooms that are not used very often. If you would like to have it cosy and warm in your house as well, place your order right away. We can only deliver as long as stocks last.

The TCH 1 E convector quickly brings clean, condensation-free and odourless heat into small rooms due to its super-efficient 520 Watt heat output. The practical quick heater can be used in the bathroom as well as in your hobby workshop or as a reliable frost monitor in your camper without any supervision. The convector keeps the water pipe from freezing thanks to its thermo-controlled automatic operation.

How it works

When the target heat set by the infinitely variable thermostat is reached, the convector switches off automatically and switches on again fully automatically whenever the temperature drops below the set value. So you only heat as much as necessary – and save on energy bills as much as possible!

Putting the convector into operation is very simple: unpack the device, plug in the power cord, that’s it. You can easily tell whether the device is switched on by the operating control lamp. Afterwards, simply set the desired target temperature using the side thermostat and the TCH 1 E will immediately start heating in automatic mode – cleanly, odourlessly and noiselessly. The practical carrying handle makes it easy to move from one room to another, and the large adjustable feet – included and ready to install – make sure it stands securely in place.

Convectors like the TCH 1 E heat the air in the device with electrically heated wires. This air then rises as warm air. Natural suction allows the cold room air to be drawn into the device. This way, the constant circulation of warm air spreads throughout the room, flowing into every corner. The large discharge grilles of the TCH 1 E ensure maximum possible convection.

Four of the many advantages that I particularly like:

  • the economical 520 W heat output
  • the continuous thermostat control
  • the thermostat controlled automatic operation
  • the ingenious frost monitor function

Frost monitor TCH 1 E – Intertek-approved brand quality from Trotec

This convector is available in Intertek-approved quality as a guarantee for high quality, safety and functionality, so that you can play it safe with Trotec brand quality. Order the Convector TCH 1 E at our current offer price reduced from £22.69 to just £8.12 incl. VAT – now in the Trotec shop!



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