Concentration at the push of a button

Air conditioning

Report writing, tax papers, project management, doing calculations. Whatever there is to be done in your home office, you do it with care. And if you are to be able to concentrate properly when working within your own four walls or, indeed, in your normal office, you need to feel comfortable. In the summer, stuffy heat will tire you, and you will quickly lose the ability to concentrate.

But if you are smart with your office setup, you will be able to work effectively. And a PAC air handling unit will help you. For it will guarantee pleasant temperatures and ideal humidity around the clock.

Concentration at the push of a button

It is often far easier to work from home. Within your own four walls you can get things done with no interruptions, and give your mind over entirely to your work. You have, no doubt, set things up properly – appropriate furniture, some tidy storage space and decent technology. But perhaps you’ve forgotten something? When temperatures start to rise, you will quickly begin to suffer in the sultry heat of your office. Breathing gets more difficult, and you quickly grow weary. Before you know it you are unable to concentrate fully and your work progress slows. The problem is that it is too hot and the air humidity is too high.

Concentration is valuable

Though it is common sense to heat your working area during the winter, it is quite rare to employ cooling in the summer. Yet in Germany we have an average of 90 warm to hot days per year, when high temperatures and similarly high humidity makes things uncomfortable in the office and at home. The number and size of your windows is a big factor in rooms getting hot. And since sunlight gives us the energy and motivation we need, it is rare that we choose to work behind darkened windows. So what can we do to combat lethargy, weariness and failing concentration when we actually enjoy the sunshine and need it for our well-being? The answer is simple – ensure you have the ideal climate, and with no expensive, time-consuming installation work! Trotec’s mobile PAC series comfort air handling units  will supply your rooms with pleasant air and leave your head clear so that you can concentrate on your work for hours on end.

Mobile energy savers

With a PAC air conditioning system you get top quality cooling. Trotec’s high-performance models do not merely suck in the warm air and blow it out having cooled it. The used air is discharged via a hose out of the room and into the open air – through an open window, for example, or via other channels. This technology provides the best possible air dehumidification and, as a result, genuine air conditioning. It is true that other air cooling devices provide a cooling effect by generating an air current, as a fan does. But real cooling requires the air to be replaced, and heavy, humid air to be removed.

Our tip: the PAC 2000 E

For anyone wanting a real cooling effect, we recommend the PAC 2000 E comfort air handling unit. For it combines reliable air conditioning technology with some convenient features. Just right for any office, including at home! This mobile room air conditioner has a simple design, giving you cool air at the push of a button and, at the same time, operating as a high-performance air dehumidifier. The monobloc unit has a capacity of 2 kW / 7000 Btu and can achieve dehumidification levels of up to 0.75 litres per hour. With energy efficiency class A, the PAC 2000 E represents effective and extremely economical air conditioning. One particularly practical feature: you can directly input the temperature you want. The integrated thermostat automatically implements your order and independently adjusts the PAC 2000 E‘s performance. There is nothing more for you to do than install yourself in your home office and feel good.

Trotec is currently offering this elegant, effective air handling and dehumidification unit for an unbeatable £ 155.88. This is a saving of £ 133. Surely a reason to act right away…!

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