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TTK 29 E, TTK 51 E, TTK 70 E

Three new dehumidifiers of the TTK E compact category are available for delivery now. With their excellent technical equipment, convenient features and great value for money, these dehumidifiers are among our newest and most cutting-edge products. They are produced absolutely identically with regard to their functions – right up to their standardised compact dimensions. However, they do differ significantly in their daily dehumidification outputs and accordingly also in price.

Irrespective of whether you want to dry out your home or your office or a small or large space, we always offer the best dehumidification performance – such as with our three new models:

  • the TTK 29 E has a dehumidification capacity of up to 10 litres per day and is suitable for small, heated rooms of up to 15 m².
  • the TTK 51 E extracts up to 16 litres of moisture per day from the ambient air and is ideal for rooms of up to 30 m².
  • with a maximum dehumidification capacity of 20 litres per day, the TTK 70 E reliably dehumidifies rooms of up to 45 m².

This is how it works

Thanks to their hygrostat-controlled dehumidification system all three new dehumidifiers are very straightforward to use. What’s more, a rotary switch with seven different settings means that setting the desired relative humidity is very simple. The units automatically activate when the set humidity has been exceeded, and as soon as the desired value has been reached they switch themselves off to save energy. LED indicators also provide information about the current operating status.

Of course, permanent operation is possible as well. This is particularly straightforward thanks to the integrated separate hose connection for draining the condensate externally. Other technical features, such as automatic overflow protection, a washable air filter, the adjustable discharge direction and the carrying handles make the three new dehumidifiers both convenient and easy to use.

Four of many benefits, which I like the most:

  • hygrostat-controlled dehumidification system with selectable target value
  • extremely easy handling
  • washable air filter
  • overflow protection with automatic switch off

Which one of the new dehumidifiers is right for you?

Opt for one of our three new dehumidifiers and take advantage of our introductory discount. – on special offer until 26th October 2014 at a fantastic price!

TTK 29 E

TTK 51 E

TTK 70 E

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