The water trend

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Drinking water keeps you slim and beautiful, and it’s healthy. This attitude has become firmly established. Whereas a few years ago brightly packaged sodas and caffeinated drinks dominated the market, now health-conscious people swear by pure water. Surveys show that mineral water consumption per capita in Germany has nearly doubled. Are you also ahead with this trend, preferring your refreshment to be clear, calorie-free and healthy? Then you should get yourself a SecoSan stick from Trotec, which allows you to turn your tap water into top-quality drinking water. Fresh, natural, SecoSan!

The water trend

We see them everywhere: people carrying bottles of mineral water around with them for refreshment in any situation: on the street, in the playground, during sport, at work, in the car and at school or university. Still water as a constant companion is clearly gaining in popularity. The reason for this trend is society’s desire to live in a healthier, more balanced and more conscious way. This involves more than just eating a balanced diet;  we also want to make sure we consume enough healthy fluids. Those who want to appear fresh and fit therefore drink pure water, and this doesn’t just apply to the body: water has also become a beauty trend, ensuring skin is fresh and radiant. This is because, if your body is lacking in moisture, you loose the water in your skin cells first. The skin becomes less taut and develops small wrinkles, leaving it looking loose and tired.

Your own trend    

The trend for pure, healthy refreshment is well served by the market. Alongside the vast choice of highly carbonated, lightly carbonated and still mineral waters from a variety of sources in Germany available to buy in shops, unusual types of water from far-flung parts of the world have won the hearts of water-lovers: for example, still water from Sweden which promises to bring astounding beauty results. Many celebrities swear by volcanic Fiji water which, due to its high silica content, is meant to strengthen the skin, hair and fingernails. Glacier water from Norway or Iceland is even meant to help prolong one’s life-span, as it is said to be absolutely pure, almost entirely sodium-free, and particularly oxygen-rich. Of course, naming a bottle of water imported from overseas as your drink of choice will win you looks of recognition and a certain awe from others. But honestly, is it really worth the money? Our recommendation: be a trendsetter yourself and create your own beautifying water. It’s simple, just take some good tap water and enrich it with a SecoSan stick.

How it works   

The SecoSan stick is a self-regulating silver ion reservoir. Depending on need, the capsule releases enough silver ions into the water to enclose germs and bacteria, thus preventing them from multiplying. There are of course no chemical additives. The result: your water stays fresh and pure around the clock. You can easily enjoy it at home, or, if you transfer it to a water bottle, your SecoSan water will provide vigour and freshness when you are out and about or at work. And of course, it isn’t just extremely beneficial to your health, it will also leave your skin looking fresh.

Take the first step towards setting your own trend today and have a look in the Trotec online shop. There you will find the SecoSan Sticks in a range of sizes. The smallest design of the SecoSan stick, which reliably keeps up to 0.7 litres of water pure and germ-free, is currently available in a pack of three for just 9.95 Euros!

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