The UV-TrackMaster – non destructive tracer detection


New in our Trotec product range is the compact long wave UV lamp UV-TrackMaster. It is suitable for on destructive tracer detection at material testing, leakage location or quality controlling for security applications. Leakage searching at engines or aggregates, in buildings and wiring systems and the material testing for industry happens quickly and fast with the practical spotlight.

With its economical designed pistol grip for extensive illumination designed, the UV-TrackMaster is ready for action right away. The high radiation strength makes the smallest tracer paths visible, even at daylight and long distance. That’s why with this device you don’t have to neither shorten the distance, nor darken the light. You can switch it on and off easily by pushing a button on the pistol grip. In poorly lit areas you can switch on the separately connectible LED high performance orientation light for help. For only 1,184.05 Euros the UV-TrackMaster will shortly be yours!

Extremely versatile

Synthetic tracers can be used in elaborate and winding pipe networks of engine systems, cooling aggregates as far as hydraulic systems, refrigerating systems, lubrication and fuel lines that carry fluids, to determine whether they are leak-tight and to detect and analyze leakages and any unwanted spread of fluids when they occur.
Extensive and areas which are hardly accessible, both can be explored effectively with the light and mobile system. Thereby you can count on a long battery life and the device guarantees an almost noiseless performance without a cooling fan. The UV-TrackMaster is ready for use without warm-up phase.

Furthermore it is independently to magnetic fields and therefor suitable for material testing with ferromagnetic tracers.

The all-rounder in a light and compact housing. From now on for favourable 1,184.05 Euro – herewith you are able to detect all leakages!

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