Package deal: TAC Air Cleaner inclusive filters


Where work is performed, there is dust. In most cases actually a lot. That don’t only burden the construction workers and their health at the site, even the pedestrians or residents can be affected by breathing in dust. The professional air cleaner of the TAC series filters the dust out of the air dependably – and now they are available with the G4-F7-filter package at the package deal.

Especially dust containing quartz, mineral fibre, wood, cellulose and asbestos are dangerous. Because they enter the airways and lead to sustainable health effects. Also the burden through spores, allergens and micro fibres, which results while building-, insulating layer or mould restoration, should not be underestimated.
For those reasons the limit values for respirable dust are lowered in the new version of the TRGS 900 by the law.
Therefor all places of work, facilities and operating material have to adjust the limit values within the next four years.

The Professional Air Cleaner of the TAC series already meets this requirements

The TAC Air Cleaners are the best solution at any time, because they will likely be applied on the construction site as well as at operating in hygiene sensitive areas and even at clean rooms. But they are not only flexibly applicable, but reliable and protective, too. Therefor the insurance association “BG Bau” recommends in their actual specialized information all four devices of that series for working in dusty environments.

All package deals at a glance:

Air Cleaner TAC 1500 dust protection set for only 1,902.81 Euro (instead of 2,195.55 Euro)
Air Cleaner TAC 3000 dust protection set for only 2,795.31 Euro (instead of 3,242.75 Euro)
Air Cleaner TAC 5000 dust protection set for only 4,163.81 Euro (instead of 5,099.15 Euro)
Air Cleaner TAC 6500 dust protection set for only 4,937.31 Euro (instead of 5,872.65 Euro)

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