The new air conditioner PAC 2000 X cools, dehumidifies and heats


Cooling and heating the room, dehumidifying and filter the air…the new air conditioner PAC 2000 X is a real multi talent. There is only a limited number available, this means order now, before they are sold out for the summer – for a budget price of just 279.95 €! And for only 15 € more you receive the PAC 2000 X with the window sealing AirLock 100 as a package deal.

The new air conditioner PAC 2000 X offers you all possibilities of a pleasant room climate. Intended to cool the room in the first place, furthermore it filters and dehumidifies the air, and besides it can be used as heating at cold winter days. Additionally the operating mode ‘ventilate’ provides the option, to just circulate the room air without cooling.

That’s how it works

The air handling unit cools the room air, by absorbing the warmth. The warm air is exhausted to the open air via a flexible air hose, and the now cooled air gets supplied to the room by a fan. Condensation that accumulates drips from the evaporator onto the hot condenser where it condenses and is then transported via the air outlet hose to the outside. Because the unit disposes about a dehumidifier it ensures a better room climate and prevents the formation of mold.

The PAC 2000 X works full automatically. The handling works comfortable with the operation tableau or the IR remote control supplied. Thanks to its micro processor control a variety of additional options are available, for example the unit can be switched on and off time delayed by the timer function.

Four of many advantages , that I like the most:

  • The integration of cooling, dehumidifying and heating in one device
  • The comfortable 0-24 hours timer function
  • The handy IR remote control
  • The flexible 3 fan stages

With this device everything succeeds: Refreshing coolness on hot summer days, pleasant warmth on cold winter days and a lower room humidity to prevent the formation of mold.

Just a limited number!

Don’t wait, until shortly it gets really hot – it could be too late already. Being fast is worth twice:

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