The TTK 50 dehumidifier – finally back in stock

TTK 50 E Dehumidifier

For a long time it was sold out and unavailable – now the TTK 50 E is reporting for duty again with all the usual advantages: an unchanged functional design, an impressive dehumidification performance and with clearly structured controls which means using the device couldn’t be simpler.

And the best bit: it is again available at a great offer price…

The deliberately understated design makes the TKK 50 E one of our classics. It adapts itself to fit any spatial concept and can easily be integrated into its environment. Nevertheless, it keeps these spaces dry unfailingly – removing up to 16 litres of moisture from the air per day. Because the device manages this whilst producing only a pleasantly low level of noise, it is perfect for smaller, inhabited spaces up to 30m². A word about the dehumidifier’s particularly easy-to-understand controls: position it, turn it on, select the dehumidification rate and you’re done – there is nothing more to say on the matter!

This is how it works

It really can’t get any easier: select the desired dehumidification rate and the job is done. The TKK 50 E can also be used in a hygrostat-controlled automatic mode, meaning if the desired moisture level is reached, the device turns itself off automatically, saving energy, and comes on again as soon as the value is changed again. Of course, you can also choose the permanent operation mode, because the TKK 50 E is equipped with a long-life rotary compressor which guarantees the reliable permanent dehumidification function, for example for smaller, heated cellars, living spaces or workplaces.

The filling level warning light for when the water container is full and the overfill protection with auto shut-off ensure that the you can leave the TKK 50 E to its own devices. We have also provisioned for the possibility that you are unable to regularly empty the water container manually: an additional hose connection does the trick for channelling the condensate directly into a drain. And thanks to its carry handles and rollers you can easily assign our dehumidifier a new task in a different room every day – being so mobile, it’s happy to go along with every change!
The TKK 50 E‘s input power is 0.25kW and is therefore amongst the dehumidifiers with the lowest energy consumption levels available on the entire market. For regular use or in permanent operation, it really pays off.

Four of many benefits which i like the most:

  • The automatic hygrostat-controlled dehumidification
  • The high dehumidification performance in heated spaces
  • The extremely quiet running noise
  • The extremely easy handling
  • The low energy consumption

Understated design. Powerful performance. Great value offer.

Sound good? As a matter of fact, it’s even better! Why not order the TKK 50 E today for only £ 102.19 reduced from £ 157.23 incl. VAT. – available now in the Trotec shop!

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