Dehumidifier TTK 105 S – Made in Germany and 100 % Trotec


Our new dehumidifier TTK 105 S has the seal of approval “Made by Trotec”. The small power pack with a dehumidifying performance of up to 30 litres per day is now available and comes directly from our production in Heinsberg to your home.

Exclusively available only at Trotec and produced in Germany our new dehumidifier TTK 105 S keeps dry rooms with a size of ca. 90 m². No matter if used in a garage, a hobby workshop, for keeping dry laundry rooms or cellars, to protect the inventory in libraries and archives or to increase the operational safety in computer and server rooms. In rooms up to around 45 m² the TTK 105 S is even suitable for clearing water damages or for construction drying in heated rooms from 15 °C. “On the one hand the new dehumidifier is not a product from China”, Rainer Rausch, member of the management, emphasizes, “and on the other hand it is developed, designed and produced by Trotec. The device meets high quality standards and we want the people to notice that. Not least you can see it because of the stable aluminium housing. It is extremely lightweight but robust and, additionally, stackable.”

Hygrostat control with real-value humidity selection

Another characteristic of the high practical suitability is the digital display where you can exactly type in your desired humidity value. The integrated hygrostat makes the rest and automatically regulates the performance of the compressor and the two-stage fan. “Additionally the digital display shows the current humidity and temperature value”, Rausch goes on.
The digital real-value humidity selection allows you to exactly adjust the desired climate conditions and ensures reduced power consumption due to an automatic regulation.
A full warning signal lights up when the water tank is full. Because of the overfill protection through an auto-off mode unattended dehumidifying is possible. For permanent operation, for example in a holiday home, the device has a connection for an external condensation drain. With the integrated timer you can even set the dehumidifying intervals.

Small and compact with a convincing performance

The dehumidifier TTK 105 S dehumidifies up to 30 litres in 24 hours in rooms up to 90 m² or 230 m³. It works in a humidity range from 30 per cent to 100 per cent and a temperature range from 5 °C to 35 °C. An optimal dehumidifying performance is reached at temperatures over 15 °C. The water tank holds 5.2 litres and with only 14.5 kilos and a height of about 50 cm you quickly transport the TTK 105 S with its practical carrying handle from one room to another. The air filter is washable.

Order the robust power pack now for a special price of only 299.95 Euros incl. VAT and dehumidify work as well as private rooms up to 90 m².
Optionally, the dehumidifier TTK 105 S is available with an installed operating hours counter for only 50 Euros extra charge.

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      I am afraid the dehumidifier is not available in the US. You could order it here but keep in mind that you have a different mains voltage. It is highly likely that the device won’t work with 110 Volts.

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