Always the ideal humidity – with the mobile humidifier B 400


In closed, heated rooms the relative humidity can quickly fall below the optimum value of 45 to 55 per cent. Especially in winter, when all windows are closed and the heating runs all day the air becomes dry. We notice that because of a dry mouth and a dry nose. Instead of opening the window and let the cold winter air in we have a much better solution for you: the humidifier B 400!

When it is cold outside we want it to be warm inside – a little bit of luxury. Especially, because the energy costs constantly rise we rarely ventilate. We want to keep the warm air inside but where to put the warm, dry air? From a relative humidity of 45 per cent and below our mucous membranes and our mouth becomes dry. Nevertheless, you don’t have to freeze because the hygrostat-controlled humidifier B 400 ensures that there is always the right humidity.

Powerful in large rooms up to 900 m³

With a big evaporation rate of up to 60 litres in 24 hours the disc humidifier B 400 is also suitable for economical continuous operation. The drawn-in air is being directed through a rotatin, fleece-covered humidifying drum which moves through a water bath. Because of that rotation the air is effectively washed and humidified before being evenly distributed back into the air. Despite the powerful two-speed fan the synchronous motor of the humidifier B 400 runs extremely quiet with low power consumption.

An attractive package

The clearly designed operating panel of the B 400 has a hygrostat and fan control as well as level indicators to let you always know the water level. When the 34 litre tank is empty the device switches off automatically before a status lamp indicates that the tank should be refilled. Additionally, the B 400 has an adjustable vent grid, it is made of robust, powder-coated steel sheet and the built in brace guarantees an optimal air circulation.

Versatile through the whole year

The humidifier B 400 is not only applicable during winter. In archives dry air can damage furniture, paintings or books, in computer and server rooms electrostatically charged data storage devices can cause expensive errors. With the B 400 you protect archives, computer rooms and call centres against costly damages by ensuring the right humidity.
Currently, you can buy the B 400 for the very cheap price of 249.95 Euros. You save 226.05 Euros.

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