Top Deal: Prepare for winter with an IDE oil fired heater


During winter it can become very cold when working outside. Therefore, we want to heat you up with our oil fired heaters top deal. No matter if you work on a construction site, in a workshop, a warehouse or a greenhouse. Buy a device of the new IDE series until 31 October and keep fit and warm during the cold season.

Order now, wait until 31 October and save lots of money. That’s how our top deal works!
When you order until 25 October you get a ten per cent discount on top of the rebated list price. After that until 31 October you still can get five per cent. It is worth waiting.

Economically, reliable and powerful

Our new oil heater fans of the IDE series are economical and cost-saving when used on construction sites, in workshops and in agriculture. Everywhere where it is cold and draughty during winter the devices with an air flow rate of up to 2,000 m³/h will heat you up. Furthermore, due to the integrated fuel tank with fill level indication additional fuel tanks are unnecessary. An electronic flame safeguard, overheating protection and the stainless steel furnace chamber guarantee safety during operation.
A unique feature of the IDE oil fired heaters is the optionally available external thermostat which allows you to measure and adjust the temperature at a place that is up to 25 metres away. Of course, all devices of the series have an integrated thermostat with a dual display for set value and actual value for desired temperature adjustment.

Get an IDE oil fired heater until 31 October for a super special price in our top deal.

The IDS series – even more robust for professional use

The oil heaters of the IDS Professional series are ideal for the heating of construction sites or warehouses under very rough conditions. Its workmanship protects the devices against extreme weather conditions as well as dust and dirt. Even changing environmental conditions don’t affect the devices. Therefore, they are highly suitable for renting. Because of the electronic flame safeguard, the overheat thermostat and the fully automatic aftercooling the IDS devices are even during long-term use extremely safe. The double-walled, paint protected housing keeps the surface temperature of the outer casing low and, thus, minimizes the risk of injury. The IDS oil heaters don’t have an external thermostat but a connection for an air transport hose. With that you can heat up rooms over longer distances what, again, is possible because of the high air flow rate of up to 12,500 m³/h.

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