NEW TDS-C series ceramic fan heaters – available again!

Oops – that went really quickly. No, we were not offering hot cakes, but the new “constant companion heaters” of the TDS-C series for tradesmen and workshops instead: ceramic fan heaters in signal red! Super hot! Super cheap! Only recently they were “Sold out!” – but ever since yesterday all of the devices are once again available. If, despite it getting increasingly colder day after day, you and your colleagues would like it to be cosily warm while away on a job, please don’t hesitate too long …

The innovative and long-lasting PTC ceramic of the TDS-C series scores points compared to conventional heating wire technology with many advantages, such as a longer service life, durable technology, fast heating and process-related overheating protection. Therefore, the “constant companion heaters” of the TDS-C series are also the first choice for heating construction site containers, market stalls, greenhouses, small halls, garages, workshops and boathouses – and performs especially well in everyday use under tough conditions while on the job.

The benefits for you at a glance – the ceramic fan heaters of the TDS-C series …

  • are 100 % Trotec from development to design to production – including the progressive PTC ceramic heating elements.
  • do not consume oxygen to generate heat and produce neither combustion gases nor condensate-laden warm air. They are therefore particularly suited for quickly heating closed, unventilated interior spaces. Since they do not burn any dust whatsoever in the heating process, they are also ideally suited to people with allergies.
  • each have a multi-level temperature control with two heating levels and a separate cold air level. In combination with a powerful axial fan, this also quickly brings pleasant heat to very cool rooms. You can set the desired temperature infinitely variably as needed via the integrated thermostat.
  • possess markedly smooth-running fans. Due to these fans and the large heating register surface, you also benefit from a pleasantly homogeneous, draught-free and gentle stream of warm air, in direct comparison to conventional electric heaters. If needed, the fan can also be used solely in fan operation without the heating function.
  • can also be used flexibly secured to the wall or ceiling. The fan heaters come equipped for this with two laterally attached mounting threads which can be used to attach to the optionally available wall and ceiling brackets.

TDS-C series ceramic fan heaters – signal red! Super hot! Super cheap!

We are offering you the “constant companion heaters” of the TDS-C series in two variants: the TDS 10 C with two heating levels with a heat output of 1 kW or 2 kW, as well as the TDS 20 C with two heating levels with a heat output of 1.5 kW or 3 kW.

Order today and take advantage of our current offer price:

incl. VAT – now in the Trotec shop!

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