Protective hoods for TTK dehumidifiers now more affordable!

Protection Cover

Whaat? You still don’t have protective hoods for your valuable TTK dehumidifiers? Hooow? They’ve been too expensive in the past? Though they’re now on ultra-special offer? Oh, you didn’t know about that?! Then it is high time for this blog – all about protective hoods for TTK dehumidifiers – take advantage of this special offer and upgrade …

Get your TTK dehumidifiers under the hood, and quickly! When covered by the robust, stain-resistant protective hood made of high-quality plastic, the valuable units will not scratch when being transported or gather dust while in storage.

  • It is common for dehumidifiers to be carried from one water damage incident to the next during transportation. While being moved the units bang into one another and against the sides of the truck, causing annoying dents and scratches. Annoying because they can be avoided with a simple protective hood!
  • Or, having repaired or hired out your dehumidifiers, you place them in storage for a period. Now they do not just gather dust, but you lose valuable time getting them back into a half-decent condition before transferring them to the next customer. Doubly annoying!

Order our bargain protective hoods …

For example, get the TTK 125 S not for £ 22.87 but just £ 15.65 incl. VAT. The hoods for the TTK 175 S, TTK 355 S and TTK 655 S are also on special offer – in our Trotec shop now!

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