Keep your energy flowing

SecoSan Stick

Sport is the perfect way to take a step back from everyday life. When jogging, doing exercises and cycling you burn off energy and can enjoy the feeling of having done something good for your body and mind. Sport simply does you good. Just bear in mind: when burning energy, you must pay particular attention to the balance of water in your body.

Drink plenty of water before and after sports to help you recover and to retain the energy the exercise has given you. A SecoSan stick from Trotec is the perfect accompaniment for your water bottle.

Keep your energy flowing

Sport keeps you fit. Both in body and mind. You know that. Which is why you enjoy exercising after work, to clear your head and keep your muscles and joints flexible. But if you don’t drink enough water, exercise will quickly wear you out. This naturally applies to people who do a lot of sport. In order to prevent a slump in your performance during high-intensity activity, you should make sure you have enough water before, during and after training.Recreational athletes also cannot go without this refreshing and energy-boosting liquid. But how much water do we actually need?

Fully equipped

As a general rule, women need around two litres of water per day and men need around two and half litres. Competitive athletes must make sure they consume at least three to three and a half litres. However, doctors have issued these rules with regards to the body at rest. As soon as exercise comes into play, the amount of water you need increases. We sweat during sport, because this allows the body to regulate its core temperature. Through sweating, we lose water – around a litre per hour of exercise. Of course, the exact water loss is dependant on the intensity of the exercise and on environmental conditions. The fact is: we have to replenish the body with at least as much water as we lose during sport. Otherwise, we are at risk of weakness, sickness or muscle cramping.

Water, the source of energy

To compensate for the water loss specifically, you can use the scales test. Step onto the scales before and after exercising. The weight difference shows how much water you should drink. For example, a loss of two kilograms means you should drink two litres of water. For a one kilogram difference, you should drink a minimum of one litre.
Those who stick to recreational sport don’t need to reach for isotonic drinks, which replace not only the water but also the minerals lost through sweat, because with more moderate exercise, it is more a matter of restoring the body’s balance of water. The minerals lost can quickly be replaced with a balanced meal after exercising. Fresh, cold water is the perfect drink. And you can get it at no great expense by simply filling a bottle with tap water and adding a SecoSan stick.

Always pure and refreshing

Whenever you feel like exercising, get a bottle of SecoSan water ready. SecoSan sticks combat germs and bacteria using silver ions. In addition, they also bind the oxygen content in water. A SecoSan stick will ensure your water is always pure and fresh, no matter how many times you refill the bottle. At the same time, one capsule can be kept for half a year. So you no longer need to worry about attaining your refreshment supply!

In our Trotec online shop you can get SecoSan sticks in various designs. The smallest will keep containers or bottles of water up to 0.7 litres pure and germ-free. The SecoSan stick 2 will ensure constant freshness in bottles up to two litres, and the SecoSan stick 10 for up to ten litres. Attention bargain hunters: the SecoSan stick 1 is available in the online shop in a pack of three for just £ 7.85! A double pack of the SecoSan stick 2 is likewise only £ 7.85.

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