The new TAC 4700 X with a huge cooling capacity

PAC 4700 X

Trotec sets innovative standarts again: The new monobloc Air conditioner PAC 4700 X puts forward with a huge cooling performance – as a mobile device which is applicable everywhere. In addition, the PAC 4700 X offers more highly interesting extras to a cool price of only 499.95 €.

With its huge cooling capacity of up to 4.7 kw the Air Conditioner PAC 4700 X is designed to cool down fast rooms with a size up to 115 m³. At the same time it ensures a pleasant room climate, because it filters and dehumidifies the air. Furthermore at operating mode “ventilate” it offers the possibility to circulate the air without cooling it.

That’s how it works

The PAC 4700 X works fully automatic. Just plug it in and choose the desired operating mode. After you did that, the device works independently. All technology is placed in a compact housing, whereby the monobloc device is an ideal spot cooler. The sucked air gets filtered and supplied back to the room cooled and dehumidified. The warm air and the moisture are getting discharged to the outdoor area through an exhaust hose. For this you only have to open a door or window slightly. 1.5 litres of moisture is detracted from the room air while cooling. Thereby humid walls, musty odours, rust, condensation water and mould formation will be prevented. The reduction of the room humidity creates a pleasant room climate.

Thanks to its micro processor regulation the PAC 4700 X offers a variety of more options. For example the device automatically switches on and off time delayed via timer function. The PAC 4700 X optionally gets controlled through the operating panel or the IR remote control in the scope of delivery.

Designed for a versatile and flexible application, you can comfortably transport the device with its castors attached and on the basis of its compact dimensions it can be deployed in almost all interiors.

The PAC 4700 X owns the GS certification for tested safety and energy efficiency class A!

Four of many advantages, that I like the most:

The high cooling capacity of up to 4.7 kW as a mono bloc device for rooms up to 115 m³
The pleasant room climate by cooling, air filtering and dehumidifying
The comfortable timer function for switch on and off time
The easy IR remote control

Trotec sets standarts. Also at prices

Say “yes” to our ice cool offer: the new air conditioner PAC 4700 X – now at our Trotec Shop instead of 639.95 € for only 499.95 € incl. VAT.
It’s valid for this device, too – for only 15 € more you receive the device inclusive the Window Sealing AirLock 100.

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