Not just clean, but pristine!

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It is a big concern among many of your customers: If a ventilation system is contaminated, it can no longer clean the air of dirt.  It dispenses the particles through the ventilation ducts in all rooms. Dust, grease deposits and dirt are ideal breeding grounds for mould and bacteria. Once these have formed in the ducts, the ventilation system quickly turns into a distributor of pests.

And that’s not all: A contaminated ventilation system works less efficiently and causes operating costs to shoot up. As a specialist cleaning company, you use special brushes to eliminate the dirt. But this must be safely removed by an air cleaner so that it does not enter the ventilated rooms via the system. Use a mobile TAC series air cleaner from Trotec and you will always be one step ahead of the hygiene regulations.

Not just clean, but pristine!

A healthy, hygienic room climate is not only indispensable for the health of staff in offices and production halls. Pristine ambient air also increases well-being in public buildings, in gastronomic businesses and hotels, in laboratories and hospitals, and is an absolute must in sensitive areas. This is why regular maintenance of ventilation systems is mandatory. Further still: Strict hygiene standards must be adhered to. This is where the expertise of your specialist cleaning staff is required.  You want your customers to be able to fully rely on your company’s specialist services. Ultimately, a contaminated ventilation system poses a severe health risk. As soon as dirt and grease builds up in the ducts, mould and bacteria can form and multiply within a short period of time.  The harmful spores and bacteria, and of course also the dirt, are spread in all rooms whilst the ventilation system is running.  Dirt and grease deposits in ventilation ducts also pose a great fire risk. In the event of fire, this is where the flames can find their best fuel. As well as personal injury, your customers are also threatened by financial damage. The ventilation works inefficiently through the narrowed ducts as a result of deposits, and the operating costs shoot up. This is where you come into play: With special brushes and cleaners, you can eliminate the dirt and further deposits in the ventilation systems. With a TAC series air cleaner from Trotec, you can extract the dirt down to the last particle at the same time so that these contaminants cannot be further through the system any further. Your customers will be more than satisfied: Don’t just stop the contamination – go a step further! Ensure excellent hygiene in every ventilation system and use one of the four TAC air cleaner models of the Trotec Group. Get hold of the best German technology when the air should not only be clean, but hygienically pristine.

Models for every requirement

The legal conditions for cleaning ventilation systems are strict. By using a TAC series air cleaner, you are always one step ahead. With the flexible filter modules, you can set up your TAC air cleaner for the performance you need. Dust, mould spores, fibres and bacteria are extracted from your customers’ air ducts in an instant. The light and compact TAC 1500 and TAC 3000 air cleaners are suited to a smaller duct system. The devices TAC 5000 and TAC 6500 are available for larger ventilation ducts. Check how effective your cleaning was – with the particle counter PC200 from Trotec. This way, you can also convince your customers of the brilliant performance of your work. With the portable measuring instrument with an integrated photo-video function, you can record the fine dust concentration before and after cleaning. This ensures optimum inspection of the condition of each ventilation system. The data can be transmitted to a computer via a USB interface – documenting your cleaning results couldn’t get any simpler!

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