Two frequently asked questions about electric heaters from the TDS range

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This question about the TDS electric heaters often has our customers reaching for the telephone in the cold winter months: “Why doesn’t the air blowing out of the heater feel hot?” and they are frequently worried by this second question: “What actually is the difference between the square and round heaters if the performance specifications are exactly the same?” Of course, straight away: here are the ultimate answers…

TDS electric heaters – designed for permanent heating

front of our  TDS electric heaters without immediately being punished with burn blisters. That’s thanks to Trotec technology! This is because many fast-acting heaters available on the market generate intense heat in the area immediately surrounding the heater, therefore almost completely failing to warm up the rest of the room. The TDS electric heaters with their robust heating elements are completely different. These devices are designed for permanent heating and not for selective use here and there. They produce the pleasant effect that the warmth generated is spread throughout the room through the internal fan allowing for a comfortable feeling of warmth.

Square vs. round heaters – the difference is in the design!

Almost all of the electric heaters available in the standard square design are also available with almost identical performance specifications as so-called “heating cannons” in the round design. Exceptions: The TDS 120 R electric heating canon, which impresses with its unique maximum heat output of 30kW, has no direct equivalent in a square design. Likewise, the TDS 100 in the square design with a full 22kW heat output has no round counterpart.
All the same, whether square or round – the difference is design-oriented. Because many customers are attracted to harmoniously designed products, we want to accommodate this wish.

Do you have additional questions or would you like more information about the electric heaters from the TDS range?

Let us know if you have any further questions about the TDS heaters – simply call us on +49 2452 962 450. Or are you currently looking for a heater that is as impressive as it is economical? Then you should find out more about our electric heaters from the TDS range – available now in our Trotec shop!

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