NEW Air purifier and humidifier combination units


With the new AW 10 S and AW 20 S airwashers, Trotec not only ensures clean air, but also the right air humidity. This is especially important at this time of year because cold air can hold significantly less moisture – with a well-known result: Dried out mucous membranes increase the risk of colds and dry coughs.

Maybe pet hair, house dust and pollen are only slightly annoying in summer; however, you don’t have to be a proven allergy sufferer to react to it with a heavy fit of coughing in the colder months. Therefore, both airwashers filter the air and remove unpleasant odours such as stale tobacco smoke and food smells from the kitchen – doing so quite easily with an integrated plasma function that releases plasma ions into the air, binding the undesirable odour molecules.

The new AW 20 S airwasher is also available with an optional add-on HEPA filter. This selectively filters out the smallest particles too, such as fine dust and fungal spores from the air.

How it works

The new AW 10 S and AW 20 S airwashers work according to the same principle: They literally wash the air! This is done by directing the bad, stale air into the machine and then through a rotating plate stack in the water. Even the smallest particles up to 10 µm are bound in the water. The water that simultaneously evaporates on the exchange surfaces is used for humidification with the aid of a smart sensor, which continuously measures the air quality and humidity while also controlling the automatic mode.

Both airwashers are extremely easy to maintain as they work without filter mats, because these would have to be regularly cleaned and/or replaced. The use of both machines is made completely convenient by the ultra-silent night mode, a water-level indicator as well as the empty water tank warning signal and automatic switch-off.

Advantages I find particularly good in the AW 10 S and AW 20 S:

  • the 2 in 1 combination unit for air purification and humidification
  • the display of relative humidity
  • different operating modes plus the ultra-silent night mode
  • a large water tank for longer maintenance-free operation
  • variable fan control for needs-based room acclimatisation

Additional advantages which the AW 20 S offers:

  • A smart combined sensor, for simultaneous measurement of the air humidity and quality, enables an energy-saving automatic mode
  • the interchangeable pre-filter for heavier dirt such as animal hair, lint and house dust
  • the add-on HEPA filter

The AW 20 S features a smart combined sensor, which also continuously detects the relative air humidity along with the particle pollution

of the air, and as a result controls the automatic mode for perfectly humidified and purified air. Even allergy sufferers can breathe easily: Thanks to the effective HEPA filtration, the air is free of not only house dust, pollen, or pet hair – even the smallest dirt particles such as fine dust, allergens and fungal spores are reliably filtered out. With its range of functions, this airwasher guarantees you maximum versatility: When not in use, the HEPA filtration can be easily deactivated – and because you can turn the humidifying function on and off separately, the AW 20 S is the ideal solution for keeping air clean indoors all year round.

Each airwasher offers extra value for a better indoor climate 

That’s because there is an attractive introductory offer for both airwashers: Order an AW airwasher 10 S today for only £ 150.46 instead of £ 225.72 incl. VAT or the AW 20 S airwasher for only €469.94 instead of €599.94 incl. VAT– now in the Trotec shop!

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