UV-Torchlight 15F – now with optional filter unit


You will be delighted every time you switch on the UV-Torchlight 15F. Because from the first turn, the luminance detector immediately delivers the maximum UV-A performance. Now this lightweight, premium model is optionally available with a filter unit which filters out all the visible light. Another benefit, particularly useful when checking materials in the industry …

Along with its maximum 365-nm radiation, the UV -Torchlight 15F also emits a small amount of white light. This visible light is particularly advantageous when detecting leaks in poorly lit areas. But this bit of white light can cause flare, particularly when you are checking materials at close range, for example when testing for cracks. That is why the filter unit is now available as an optional accessory for the UV-Torchlight 15F. This enables you to completely filter out all the visible light so that the test object is only subjected to UV light in the 365 nm spectral range.

White light when you need it

The filter unit is as easy to use as it is sophisticated.  The unit is simply attached to the lamp. Even when it is fixed nicely and firmly like this, the filter can still be clamped in place using the screw on the side. And then there is the main feature – the filter glass can easily be raised if required, and just turned away from the lamp. So in the future you have both options – exclude all the white light or allow a small amount for better orientation, without having to attach the filter unit every time and then remove it.

The filter unit in no way impacts the UV-Torchlight 15F’s usual functionality, of course. The integrated focus ring still enables the UV-A radiation cone to be regulated very flexibly, anything from spot to floodlight. The strength of light is continuously variable, meaning it can be adjusted to perfectly suit your task – from a spotlight with maximum fluorescence excitation to a floodlight for quickly inspecting large areas – by simply turning the focussing ring. To some extent, this extremely variable focal length is the essential feature which gives our luminance detector its particularly wide range of application.

Our accessories tip: the filter unit for the UV-Torchlight 15F

Easy to attach and just turn it away when not needed: order the new filter unit for just 22,51 £ plus VAT.
And if you do not yet own our luminance detector, or you would like to buy a second Torchlight UV lamp, now is exactly the right time: order the UV-Torchlight 15F now, reduced from £180.08 to just £131.89 incl. VAT – in our Trotec shop now!

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