Advisor “Winter Heating” 2/5 – Indirect Oil Heaters

mobile heaters

In the second part of our advisor series, we are focusing on mobile indirect oil heaters. We will find out how they are different to direct oil heaters and which intended purposes indirect models are best suited for in construction and agriculture. As market leader, we also offer you a comprehensive range of indirect heaters as heating solutions – with virtually any desired heating power and also for rental.

For every intended purpose there is the ideal heater 

You will find the right indirect oil heater in our shop for virtually all tasks connected with the mobile heating of building sites, workshops, warehouses or production facilities.  From the small IDE 20 oil heating fan, which generates hot air volumes of up to 600 m³/h at 20kW, to the non-compromising titan: the ID 2000 central oil heating unit – which provides hot air volumes of up to 25,100 m³/h with its 345 kW of power. Even this enormous performance level can be topped again: The TKL Rental Division offers heating power of 500kW for rental with the WH500 indirect oil heater container – enough power, for example, for the emergency heating of industrial or residential buildings in the event of a heating outage. And all of these devices work according to one and the same principle…

Indirect oil heaters

Indirect heaters are ideal for rooms in which only limited ventilation is possible but which are nonetheless used by people or animals. Likewise, they are a good choice for accelerating drying in construction and rooms in which there is a risk of fire due to the presence of flammable materials.

With indirect heaters, the air for heating is completely separated from the combustion chamber. The air is heated by being guided along the enlarged surface of the combustion chamber towards the heat exchanger. The fan that blows the warm air into the area being heated also provides the air required for combustion, however, the combustion products are discharged into the air outside via a flue – the central characteristic of indirect models. Therefore, the use of indirect heaters is recommended for providing heat that is both clean and dry. This is because, in contrast to direct heaters, no combustion products or moisture is released into the air of the room.

Want to find out more about our indirect oil heaters?

As mentioned above, Trotec offers the right heating powerhouse for any requirement at the right price. You can order equipment with a heating output of up to 345 kW (ID 2000) directly in our online Trotec shop – here you will also find all the information you need for each individual device.  For temporary requirements, you can also rent equipment with heating outputs of 110 kW to 500 kW – our TKL Rental Division will be happy to provide you with information directly by phone at +49 2452 962 160.


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