NEW TDS 120 electric heater – with 20 kW super heating power


The new TDS 120 is the undisputed No. 1 amongst Trotec’s TDS range of electric fan heaters. This is attested to by its heating power of 30 kW and a maximum heating output of 25,795 kcal/hour. As it is possible to mount the heater on walls or ceilings, this model has a huge number of possible areas of application – for example, for heating construction containers, market stands, greenhouses, boathouses or during installation works…

With its high-performance specs, our new electric heater provides you with convenient reserve capacities for continuously heating more spacious rooms or for the temperature control of large areas of buildings. That’s because – like all TDS series electric fan heaters and in contrast to gas or oil-powered heating devices – the TDS 120 uses no oxygen and produces no combustion exhaust fumes. This means the device can be used practically anywhere for the temperature control of unheated internal spaces. In addition, the new flagship product has other valuable design features which constitute a decisive difference in comparison to conventional and standard electric heaters. This includes, for example…

How it works

The TDS 120 is equipped with an integrated thermostat for fully variable setting of the desired temperature. In order to achieve optimal temperature control of your premisses, the device has a multi-level power control for determining the level of heat output. Overheating protection and a fan motor with thermal protection, which can also be used in fan operation without any heating function, complete the technical features of our new flagship fan heater.

In addition, extra operation-orientated design features ensure the standard of performance that is typical of the TDS series. This includes the integrated heat deflector, which optimally guides the flow of warm air outwards and enables a maximum level of effectiveness, and also the trapeze-shaped mounted carrying handles, with which you can easily and sturdily stack multiple electric fans heaters.

Four of the many advantages that I find particularly good:

  • the development and design are 100% TROTEC
  • 10% more efficient than competing models – thanks to a standard built-in air deflector for optimised heat release
  • fixing option for wall or ceiling mounting
  • the multi-level temperature control
  • protection against overheating

Electric heater TDS 120 – reliable and economy-optimised technology

Are you looking for the ideal economically optimised solution for your stationary heating operations? Then you should chose our new flagship electric fan heater: Order the new TDS 120 for the introductory price of only £385.00 instead of £438.94 including VAT – available now in our Trotec shop! Delivery from calendar week 37 onwards.

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